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Dr. Stone's "Bumper Sticker" Quotes

Sometimes a sentence or turn of phrase in Dr. Stone's work is so full of philosophy and food for thought, sums up a concept so concisely, or so inspires a whole new way of seeing something, that it makes you say, "That would make a great bumper sticker!"

If you have a bumper sticker moment while reading these charts, let us know! Here are some of the ones submitted thus far. Who knows, one of your favorites may become a real bumper sticker.

Service without love is work. - Dr. Randolph Stone

God geometrizes. - Vol. 1, Book 1, Pg. 22; Vol. 1, Book 2, Chart 11; Vol. 1, Book 3, Pg. 52; Vol. 2, Book 4, Pg. 51

Running water clears itself. - Vol. 1, Book 1, Pg. 60; Vol. 1, Book 1, Pg. 85

Space and grace are Nature's ace. - Vol. 1, Book 1, Pg. 69

The senses open the way, and the motor impulses obey - Vol. 1, Book 1, Pg. 70

Merely telling the patient to relax is useless. - Vol. 1, Book 1, Pg. 87

Our mind conditions our experience. - Vol. 1, Book 1, Pg. 91

Science has no measure for life. - Vol. 1, Book 2, Pg. 1

The whole constitution of man must be taken into consideration, not merely the treating of the body as a chemical or mechanical machine. - Vol. 1, Book 2, Pg. 2

Only practice conquers and accomplishes. - Vol. 1, Book 2, Chart 63

Daily practice does it. - Vol. 1, Book 2, Chart 64

That which serves best, is best. - Vol. 1, Book 3, Pg. 2

Obstacles are God's design ~ To make a man with a spine. - Vol. 1, Book 3, Pg. 30

It is best for man to work with Nature and to be in tune with Nature and with God instead of giving in to his own desires to control anything besides himself. - Vol. 1, Book 3 Appendix, Pg. 114

Life flows from above downward, and structure supports function from below upward. - Vol. 2, Book 4, Pg. 3

Even as the tiny atom is a universe in itself, so is man. - Vol. 2, Book 4, Pg. 44

Faith coupled with effort always gets results. - Vol. 2, Book 4, Pg. 48

It appears that all our effort has been spent on research in matter, and none on Life itself. - Vol. 2, Book 5, Pg. 3

An injury to physical tissue repairs with time and rest, while mental injuries require a new vision and viewpoint. - Vol. 2, Book 5, Pg. 23

Conscious growth only comes through whole-hearted attention to an ideal or objective. - Vol. 2, Book 5, Pg. 27

The true doctor should know Life, feel it and understand its pattern of flow, ... the same as he knows his anatomy. - Vol. 2, Book 5, Pg. 27

Energy flow is the primary factor. - Vol. 2, Book 5, Pg. 27

We have utterly lost our way in matter and over-valued it. - Vol. 2, Book 5, Pg. 27-28

Causes are primary factors to correct. - Vol. 2, Book 5, Pg. 30

The neck is a cross road of the main vital currents, downward and upward. - Vol. 2, Book 5, Pg. 52

It is not by strength nor by might, but by skill that we succeed. - Vol. 2, Book 5, Pg. 59

It is a process of floating with the Universal Currents on the Waters of Life. Our little boat cannot help but float to the other shore if Truth and Service are steering it to its goal. - Vol. 2, Book 5, Pg. 72

May this work reach the seekers who are looking for a deeper perspective of a common denominator in the healing art, to push it along in keeping with all the atomic discoveries of today. The health and well-being of the people should not be neglected. It should really be the first concern of the scientists, doctors and educators. Without health and happiness, all our modern conveniences are of little comfort to us. - Vol. 2, Book 5, Pg. 77

All chronic conditions must become acute by increased energy and circulation before restoration of normal tissue is possible. - Vol. 2, Book 5, Pg. 78

What the doctor's mind cannot conceive, that, he cannot relieve. - Vol. 2, Book 5, Pg. 87

Man endures - Nature cures. - Vol. 2, Book 5, Pg. 97

Energy is the real substance behind the appearance of matter and forms. - Vol. 2, Book 6, Pg. 4

Life exists as the result of tension between two extremes - male and female - positive and negative - yang and yin - pingala and ida - right and left breath - qualitative and quantitative. - Vol. 2, Book 6, Pg. 4

What the needles can do, the hands can do better. - Vol. 2, Book 6, Pg. 6

Life itself is a paradox, which comforts while it mocks. - Vol. 2, Book 6, Pg. 19

If we really want health, we must be willing to work for it. - Health Building, Pg. 7 and Pg. 16

Those who are destined to look for true health will find it. - Health Building, Pg. 9

We are what we eat and drink ~ What we feel and what we think. - Health Building, Pg. 15

We will become that which we contemplate. - Health Building, Pg. 16

We cannot think negative thoughts and reap positive results. - Health Building, Pg. 16

Health is not merely of the body, it is one in all. - Health Building, Pg. 17

Be an artist and an architect of your own house, your temple, your body and your mind. - Health Building, Pg. 18

Creation has an outward purpose for the body and an inward purpose for the soul. - Health Building, Pg. 21

Clear thinkers try to find the causes, while the average look for escapes from effects. - Health Building, Pg. 27

Don't treat disease; treat the individual. - Health Building, Pg. 47

Is it not possible for man to keep well by doing a few simple things daily and living less strenuously? The answer is yes. - Health Building, Pg. 101

If external cleanliness is said to be next to Godliness, what could real internal cleanliness accomplish? - Health Building, Pg. 102

There must be pioneers for every new idea, or our world would stagnate and become utterly uninteresting. - Health Building, Pg. 103

We live either by an inner faith or are guided by outer circumstances. Which is our path and on what do we depend as our guiding star? - Health Building, Pg. 110

The greatest mystery in the universe is man himself. - Health Building, Pg. 113

Never force anything, physically or mentally. - Health Building, Pg. 119

Nature's way is gentle growth. - Health Building, Pg. 123

Could not all the grown-ups in this "Kindergarten of Life" adopt the same procedure of natural, soulful living? - Health Building, Pg. 142

Ninety per cent of pain is emotional. - Health Building, Pg. 144

Health is movement. Disease is fixation.

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