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Often acute high blood pressure symptoms are due to gas in the circulation and are not serious at all, as it can be released quickly. Most headaches are due to gas in the bloodstream. Oxydation [oxidation] is caused by the moisture effect in the process of combustion. Good digestion produces good oxydation [oxidation] and elimination. It is important to know how these vital effects all hang together on the one process - digestion, which is the fire element in action in the body. From all this we can see the vital importance of wise and careful eating for health to extend our span of life and health. Life is a gift from the Beloved Creator. Like wealth, we can waste it, spend it fast, or use it wisely and conservatively and live longer. We can dig our grave prematurely by reckless habits of wasting the energies of life, and with the fork and knife as bad eating habits.

Our every action is our karma, which decides our life here. We are either a wise steward or an inefficient manager. How often do we not have proof of this, when we see a handicapped person or a sickly one do better and live longer than a robust healthy-looking one? To give just one example, Frank Gotch, the world's outstanding wrestler, died at the age of 42.[1] On the other hand the great scientist Tyndal, who was so weak physically that he could not even carry his big dictionary from one place to another in the room, lived to a ripe old age.[2] And among handicapped persons, we need only mention Helen Keller to prove what effort and will can accomplish.[3] With these facts and proof, no one can glory in his ill health or in his appendix operation. Clear thinkers try to find the causes, while the average look for escapes from effects.

This puts the whole picture into a different light as to causes, which lie in ourselves, rather than in some germ. Humanity must grow up sometime and be responsible for its action in war or peace. Only when we understand ourselves can we get along with ourselves and value this precious gift of life, given for the sole purpose of freeing our Soul and consciousness from the snares of the mind and senses, which are

1 Frank Alvin Gotch (1878-1917), an American professional wrestler. His official cause of death is recorded as uremic poisoning, but rumors persisted that he actually died from syphilis.
2 John Tyndall (1820-1893), an Irish physicist. He died from an accidental overdose of chloral hydrate taken to treat insomnia. While he did retire from public life citing ill health at the age of 66, he had a very robust life before then. From 1856-1868 he was an accomplished mountaineer and glaciologist. He also went on many lecture tours throughout Europe and the United States.
3 Helen Keller (1880-1868), an American author, lecturer and activist. She lost her sight and hearing at the age of 19 months, possibly due to scarlet fever. She did not learn how to communicate with the outside world until she was 7 years old with the help of her teacher, Anne Sullivan. As an adult, she became a political activist and an advocate for those with disabilities.


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