Book 5: Vitality Balance - Further Explorations of Polarity Principles & Techniques

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Leg Conditions

Leg trouble can always be found in the perineum, and diagnosed and treated from there. Whether it is a short leg or a pain in the leg, the POLARITY reflex is in the perineum. Spastic and sore psoas muscles are relieved by means of PERINEAL TECHNIQUE. A test, before and after the treatment, will prove the point.

In pregnancy, PERINEAL TECHNIQUE[1] is invaluable in relieving pains and tensions due to pressure in the pelvis. It gives almost miraculous relief in all leg symptoms and pains due to pregnancy and the nervous symptoms caused by the changes in the pelvis.

The perineum is the lowest major point of gravity in the body, and it definitely affects parts below it and above it. The perineum is also the major negative pole of the body and, as such, holds the key to all negative and irrational impulses and perversions of the currents in the energy field. For these reasons it is of vital importance in balancing and correcting ills of the body.

Much can yet be discovered about this anti-pole of the brain. Skill in treating plus understanding of the energy fields in the body, are the essential factors.

What the doctor's mind cannot conceive,
That, he cannot relieve!

It is the vital force in the bloodstream which warms and animates the body. Life withdraws from the extremities first. Then they harden and become rigid and cold. They are farthest removed from the center of life, and waste products in the circulation gather at the lowest point of gravity, like sediments in a barrel. To remove these sediments by means of the application of leeches on the hardened areas is of great benefit.[2] Thus circulation is brought again through these obstructions by means of new blood which replaces the stagnant local waste in the area thus treated.

That the sludge in the blood prevents the normal flow of circulation in that area is a well-known and recognized fact. By withdrawing the impure, stagnant venous blood from the hard areas around an ulcer, the ulcer is healed by means of the supply of fresh blood to that area. As the old is withdrawn, the new blood can flow in and re-establish normal circulation. Circulation of the blood is the animating factor to the extremities because of the life force of 'Prana' in it.

1 See Book 1, page 87; and Book 2, Charts 30 and 31.
2 See "Leeches and Their Value in Polarity Therapy" in Book 3, page 103.


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