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Polarity - Reaction

Let us not forget Nature's process of Synthesis and Antithesis. A tree synthesizes its energy into small seeds; then, in due time and by a reversal of the same process, the seeds expand into trees.

Body polarity changes quickly back to normal when the cycle is restored. Taking care of the most vital reflex area of the negative pole of the Sympathetic Nervous System, immediately reacts on the positive pole. THE SENDING POLE DOMINATES ONLY WHEN IT CAN DELIVER CURRENT. But that all depends on the negative pole. Will it take it? Is it operating and ready? This holds good in other facts and phases of life. Force takes everything for granted. Space and Grace are Nature's Ace.

When we realize that the Soul energy flows as mind energy currents over the cerebrum, cerebellum, etc., over the Parasympathetic and the spinal nerves and, through the Rami Communicans [ramus communicans, rami communicantes], co-ordinates with the Sympathetic Nerve Plexuses, we find that only when the Sympathetic System is operating properly, can this spinal current control and use the natural functions of the body.

The nerve current rules in the domain of consciousness, mind, the senses and sensations. Without the functioning of the mind as current, there can be no Soul Force of entity operating in the body. Consciousness is the witness of the 'dweller' in the body, as AWARENESS. It is this awareness and the function of the senses that are displaced by anesthetics or the use of psychic force, such as in Mesmerism and Hypnotism.


The four elements and their functions, plus Prana, the Life energy in Nature, are part of Nature's equipment, synthesized as form, in and through which Consciousness works.

It is, therefore, very essential that the four elements are balanced in their function, so the mind current can flow over them. In cases of insanity, we find the elements in the body are unbalanced. There is room for much thought and experience, to promote the working of the four elements properly, to restore the flow of the mind current in the body.

Vomiting, which releases the diaphragm and acts like a balancer and activator of the two rivers of energy above and below it, is one of the oldest and soundest forms of shock treatment


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