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17 - The House We Live In & Its Function

"If we could only stand aside and see this grand Cinema of life in its Reality, we would become a most absorbed observer, in astonishment over the wonders that have been created for our use. We would then become the witness and the viewer instead of the idea that we are the doer. If we could do this, our 'toil would cease, our yoke would be easy and our burden light.'[1] Then faith and love would rule."

The greatest mystery in the universe is man himself. Many forces and energies are at work in the body. Both wireless and conducted circuits (via nerves and tubes) carryon the wonderful work of the Creator in the human body. The human form is truly wonderfully made and maintained. The problem of how to keep it fit and useful for the longest period of service is an interesting one.

Our body is like the house we live in; when the electric currents are on, then light and heat are available. When the water pipes are in good shape and water is pumped through them by pressure, then all the fluid requirements are solved. When the gas is turned on, then cooking and gas heating are possible. And when the drainage is not obstructed, then the sewers do not back up and no regurgitation of drainage is pocketed in any part of the basement.

These are the functioning parts of our house, within its structure. A well built and well kept house will stand much strain and wear from daily use as well as from the elements. Such a house can be a very comfortable home for the persons living in it if they run and maintain it wisely. If something

1 Matthew 11:30


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