Book 3: Polarity Therapy & Its Triune Function - A New Manipulative Therapy

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Chart No. 6

[See Book 3, Chart 6]

embryonic life. How can we neglect such an important factor which builds the form around a central life axis to function in and through it as long as life abides in that form.

Mind is the neuter [neutral] pole of all the five energies and fields in the body. It is the fire of intellect called 'chit' in the Vedas, the light of perception, recollection, plus reason or comparison, also the I-ness of ego, which dominates all action as the executor of motor energy. Mind is the agent of the soul as a mediator or neuter [neutral] field between soul and matter. It is the switchboard of life's intelligence and action.

The first ring at the top of each figure illustrates the mind essence as the subtle airy element and the active agent in the cerebrospinal nerve fluid, in its high vibration as sensory, sound and light waves. This is a step-down current from that of mental perception. It is classed under the fire element here because action and motor force are its outstanding physical characteristics.

All five circles or ovals have a triune function and the five energy currents of matter weave through each in their rotation and flow of exchange of energy through the whole being. Each oval or circle is like a universe with its planets. Forces of similar quality flow in the constitution of man as vibratory essences. Each circle, as pictured, has a keynote and a special sense which predominates and characterizes its function - five circles, five senses: (see chart No. 2 in book II.)

1 - The most outstanding sense in the head is the sense of sight. It is a sensory function with motor power of direction through the mind forces and light waves.

2 - The sense of hearing also has its center in the head, the same as all the five senses[1], but the motor expression of it lies in the throat, as the power of speech. Real sound is the etheric principle which is a neuter [neutral] essence and has its location in the throat region, as the link of the superior and inferior regions in the body. That is why so many reflexes lodge in the neck as a typical cross-road of currents.

3 - Sensation resides in the heart region of the chest, as feeling and the sense of touch.

4 - Smell has its sensory roots in the nose and it resides in the digestive region, in the fermentation of foods.

5 - Taste has its origin in the tongue and resides in the watery element, the generative system.

1 - In the human brain is centered the entire universe in a microfilm pattern arrangement. The great universal mind and the small individual mind have much in common. All inspirations come from above. Mind is the primal energy of patterns, ideas, designs and geometric relationships through the corresponding lines of force, of form and of structures, with that of its own keynote pattern. "God geometrizes."

This co-extension forms the first link as the essential POLARITY principle in all things. The infinitely great and the infinitely small are polar opposites in this wonderful creation of ours. If man could only realize the limitless possibilities in this wonderful arrangement! Mind contains all external creations. Man can tune in to the high or the low frequencies, as he directs the lines of force of his mind into that of the Universal, through concentration. As we call, so is the echo. The fruits of our own thoughts - good and bad - come back to us like a boomerang,

1 Some might say that the sense of touch is centered in the fingers and hands. However, there are highly sensitive tactile nerve endings in the lips and tongue. This is why human babies and primates so often explore new objects by putting them in their mouths.


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