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Health-Building Ideas

you must work for it and labor in its vineyard all hours, day and night, in thoughts and in deeds and hold fast to the One Idea - the Jewel of Life within you. Have you ever asked yourself, if I gain health, what will I do with it? What for? Have I learned my lesson of inharmony and mistakes by suffering and through illness? Be an artist and an architect of your own house, your temple, your body and your mind. Build and struggle, and don't expect anybody else to do it for you, so you can let your mind wander loose without direction or control. All life points to this one lesson - mind control through love and understanding. If this is not the objective in our life, why bother at all to look for health? Health and happiness do not depend on the body, but on the energies that run it, flow through it and animate it.

If we want health we must learn to govern and direct those energies from the center outward as normal expressions of life and motion, with a reverent attitude toward life's sacredness as the Creator's gift and we as its steward. We are held responsible for it and experience it by action and reaction. Life is but a kindergarten of experience. We learn by positive and negative actions and reactions, as cause and effect, which are life's lights and shadows.

If you are interested in your health, start to think on causes and effects, and you won't need to look for an escape mechanism or wonder pill or tranquilizers to do the work for you. We must learn to live life and feed the body wholesome natural foods with all the life elements in it, in their finer forms as enzymes, hormones, vitamins, and minerals, besides the bulk of proteins, starches, sweets and fats to nourish the grosser parts and serve as combustive material in the digestive process.


Getting well is a road of labor and of love; it is won through effort; then we reach this ideal condition. If we set our hand


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