Book 1: Energy - The Vital Polarity in the Healing Art

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Mental and Emotional Therapy

Many patients have very sensitive spots in the perineum, especially the hypersensitive, sympathetic types. They twist and squirm, and want to get away from the contact during the Perineal Treatment. I call that 'emoting' some of the impounded, locked up emotions. This I encourage, to unload energy fields as well as the chemical deposits in the tissues. The more they fuss, the better the results in the release of tension and emotional blocks. Mind and emotions are fine physical substances and are just as real as gross physical matter.

It is my opinion that when the function of the three nervous systems[1] is balanced, the mental and emotional blocks have a chance to exhaust themselves in action. (Running water clears itself.) When the energy or foundation is withdrawn from the pattern, it can be balanced. These patients are helped by having something definite to do, like a strict diet, exercise, etc. for then they are constructively active instead of dwelling in negative, destructive moods. A very beneficial exercise is to take the squatting posture and rock gently, as shown in my little booklet, 'EASY STRETCHING POSTURES FOR VITALITY AND BEAUTY'.[2]

A good "Dutch Uncle"[3] talk, that points out the principle of Life and our polarity to our Higher Source, which can again polarize the mind with the Soul, and it, with its Sun of Inner Life-Giving Rays, is helpful to clear the mental blocks and some emotional fixations. This raises hope and faith. Then the law of expectancy can do its good work.

No permanent good can be done by any therapy without polarization of forces to their positive supply and source. "What benefitteth it a man if he gain the whole world and loseth his own soul?"[4] Even planets that are not in their orbits, around their source, can create only destruction to themselves and to others. One example is a meteorite.

The Cerebrospinal System must be balanced with the vital actions before relaxation can take place for any permanent skeletal correction. Even in trauma, the vital functions must be correlated to the injured parts for repair and useful function.

All energy proceeds from vital centers within. Our first thought must be to balance these with the functioning voluntary and sensory activities in the body. Pain is a sensory perception; it is a partial break in the circuit of the centripetal energy flow in any nervous system; while a complete break is a sensory paralysis. A motor paralysis is a break in the centrifugal, outgoing currents from the brain.

1 The voluntary (or somatic), sympathetic (autonomic, involuntary, visceral, or vegetative), and parasympathetic.
2 See Book 2, Charts 63 and 64.
3 A person who gives frank, or even harsh, advice to educate plainly.
4 Matthew 16:26


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