Book 5: Vitality Balance - Further Explorations of Polarity Principles & Techniques

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Explanation of Chart No. 8

This chart sketches the process of placing the Idea and Ideal pattern of the mind of man, created as an image, into actual lower vibratory spheres for expression through five fields and five senses as actual awareness in matter, a dense plane, through material consciousness and being, for the completion of creation.

The One Idea and Consciousness is now scattered and separated into four polarized currents of senses and fields, to act through them for the experience of the soul and the mind as its agent, in contact with matter. The Mind Pole, having completed its creation in the Ideal World, with all the designs of blueprints made, lessens its octave of vibratory intensity through fulfillment on one plane, and starts a new day of creation. This is in the next lower realm of expression of the Ideal Purpose and Vision in the Mount of Consciousness within.

1. For this purpose, the head is placed into the neck area of the etheric plane of 'Akash' [akasha, aakaasha]. This is the plane of Sound, the WORD of command of the Creator sounds forth into this realm of creativeness. All things take shape in the etheric world of sound substance, according to the attraction and polarization of the Sound Vibration.

God spoke into this realm on that day of Creation. That is where our Biblical record begins to express God's WORD as the One Life and Light in Creation, out of which all things were made. There was Light above, in the ideal head, as the Sacred Flame, but it was not yet projected into the field of Creation by the Sound Current of Command from the Creator.

"And God said, Let there be light: and there was light." (Gen. 1:3)

This is also given in Chapter One of this book under the title of 'The Vital Flame of Creativeness'. All energies which descend into the body go through this plane. So do all return currents from below, for recording in the consciousness. Therefore, the neck is a cross road of the main vital currents, downward and upward. That is why it holds all the impressions and records of etheric happenings as well as pain symptoms in the body. It is the place for real diagnosis of the energy current flow and obstructions.

For this purpose the elaborate description of Chart No. 2 is given for diagnosis and Vital Balancing applications. It is a new field and most valuable for any real research doctor to know what the One Vital Current is doing in all four fields of polarized action, upon which all function depends. "As above, so below" is


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