Book 2: The Wireless Anatomy of Man & Its Function - A Course in Manipulative Therapy with Principles & Illustrations

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This work of fifty-two charts is a further elucidation and demonstration of the principles laid down in my previous book, THE NEW ENERGY CONCEPT OF THE HEALING ART in 1948. The foundation is the pattern form of the lines of force working like a shuttle weaving the embryonic patterns of the human body in the mother's womb. (See chart, pages 30-31[1], in my previous book.) Even in its finer aspect, wireless energy is as material as the atom itself which has lines of force instead of wires. Life is demonstrable, but it does not lend itself as easily to scientific conditioning and experimenting as inorganic matter. Science has no measure for life.

The basis and principles of this work are as sound as matter itself because they are the five phases of matter in manifestation everywhere. Solids, liquids, gas, caloric energy and ether - they are the five stages matter assumes when it is broken up into finer particles, less dense and more etherial. Inversely, it is matter crystallizing from a fine unseen stage into a dense and formidable substance. It is matter nevertheless. These five modes of matter were the basis of classifying matter by the ancient science of the Vedas. They called them elements of matter, or tattwas [tattvas] - earth, water, air, fire and akash [akasha, aakaasha]. The constituent spinning particles of matter were also known to them, and they called them chakras, or spinning wheels and centers. The energy which flowed thru them was the life principle called Prana, or "Breath of Life." Upon this foundation was based the Ayurvedic system of medicine, which is over 6,000 years old and the mother of all other systems.

As science is demonstrating the lines of force in the atom, I am endeavoring to demonstrate the same invisible lines of force in the human body, which are its very constitution and its state of being known as health. Every cell must have solids, liquids, air, and warmth in order to live, function, multiply and grow. These four polarized rivers of energy must flow thru the entire organism for the body to live, function and grow. Upon the flow of these imperceptible wireless currents, depends the movement of the more dense and solid particles of matter, such as nerve currents, the circulation of blood and lymph, the flow of urine, and the intestinal peristalsis.

In the economy of the functions of the human body, there are also unfavorable aspects or blocks of opposing energy currents and polarity, the same as in the heavenly bodies outside. Function and harmony are balanced normals. Inharmony and explosions and disaster are universal opposite forces in a clash. The same thing happens by polarity currents in the human body, like a "tempest in a teapot" when it boils. It is this microcosmic economy of the energy and forces of the human body that this book is endeavoring to explain by charts and demonstration, how to effect a balance by removing energy blocks in these four polarized currents or rivers of life and fields.

As physicians, we assume that the nerve currents and the circulation will flow if there is no material interference. Can we compel it to flow or have we given a thought to the lines of force behind this phenomena? Is not most of our emphasis upon effects such as x-rays and gross material evidence of disease, rather than its cause and the more subtle forces at work behind all this appearance? Does the end justify the present means of therapy? Are we going directly to causes or the long way around by treating the effects and symptoms mostly? Is disease an entity or a disrupted polarity of finer forces and their radiations? Are causes such immaterial subtle factors that they cannot be found, traced or balanced? By no means. Only our entire approach has been too densely material in nature. We thoroughly subscribe to the advance of science and the lines of force in the atom bomb, but we forget the same type of potent and polarized lines of force in the human body which are equally explosive.

1 In The Complete Collected Works, Charts 4 and 5, pages 48-49 in Book 1.


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