Book 5: Vitality Balance - Further Explorations of Polarity Principles & Techniques

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Tonsillitis, Sore Throat and Goiter

The area immediately above the ankle bone is the negative pole of the neck line. The soft tissue, deep in the back of the leg, near the tibia and the fibula, holds the throat reflexes. The hip joint is the neuter pole to the ankle and the jaw articulation. Find that sore spot on the anterior side of the hip joint, in its lower half circle of articulation, and polarize it with the deep ankle contact by stimulating it. Then gently lift the clavicle and hold it while stimulating the hip pole with the other hand.

Find the sore spot in the shoulder girdle pole of the feet and hands as shown in Charts No. 4 and 5 in this book. Hold the hand sore spot with one hand and stimulate the foot pole with the other to divert from the throat pole.

In these conditions the polar areas will be similar to those found in mumps, only a little lower in each place, the same as the tonsils are lower in relation to the parotid glands.

Locate the poles in each region and balance them by finding and holding or inhibiting the sore spots there, while stimulating the opposite pole with the other hand. This treatment works wonders in acute conditions because then the areas respond quickly through their own activation.

Chronic diseases located in these areas can be traced in the same way, but the reaction may not be there as sore spots, and may have to be activated first, before the deep blocks will come to the surface. Then they can be released and balanced. All chronic conditions must become acute by increased energy and circulation before restoration of normal tissue is possible.

Proportions of inharmony can be detected by soreness and lack of elasticity or limitation of function as well as by the deformity and discoloration in the feet, the toes and their nails.

The feet, as the negative pole, reveal chronic distortions and diseases which may become active at any time.

The hands, as the neuter [neutral] pole to the body, figuratively placed over the head in the same manner, will reveal the same design of relationship. However, the hands reveal acute conditions in their markings of ridges, splits, moons, etc. across the nails, and sore areas over the front and the back of the hands. Whatever is indicated in the hands is acute and active now. This condition must be understood and corrected now in order to resolve the sedimentations and to balance the energy current flow from within, outward. It is the purpose of POLARITY THERAPY to diagnose and correct by means of ENERGY CURRENTS within the patient's own body and thus restore the VITAL CIRCUIT.


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