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Polarity Therapy Volume 1, Book 2

Chart No. 64
- A Posture Stretch for Youthful Elasticity through the Release of Vital Force and Blocked Energy Circuits in the Heavy Pelvic Muscles, Freeing the Hip Joints by Gentle Stretching through Rocking Motions.

This posture frees energy in the pelvis which can be used by contacts of the hands and thumbs on the positive pole of the head for the release of reflex actions almost anywhere in the body in self treatment. The two thumbs on the bridge of the nose, and hand touching the forehead affects the central area of the body. A rocking motion activates all these contacts. The hands can be placed on tender spots on opposite sides of the head, in front and back diagonally opposed and held while rocking and stretching in all directions for release. It can also be used for head moulding [molding] in this manner. Fingers can be locked over the top of the head to mould [mold] the parietals. It is polarity reaction which is the active factor in all these responses. The area under the lower jaw gives definite pelvic responses, for toning or release of tension. Using the left thumb or the first and ring fingers for toning contacts. The right thumb and second [middle] or the little finger positive release the roof of the mouth gives a range of reflexes that are astonishing. One thumb fits perfectly on it while in this posture. The right thumb will open the sinuses instantly and help drainage in cold etc. Stomach reflexes can be elicited at once, if you reach back far enough. The tongue also holds a host of reflex responses to contacts. A few seconds on the right reflex does wonders.

This posture is started with the feet farther apart than the posture described in Chart no. 63. Just comfortable to accomplish a stretch and motion on opposite muscles and tissues. The person eases into this posture slowly and gradually, without force, keeping the heels on the floor. The arms are placed on the inside of knees, the hands are clasped, pushing the knees apart gently and comfortably until the stretch is felt in the thighs and the hips. The thumbs support the head which is bent forward. Now a gentle rocking motion is started for balance of forces and their release in motion. Forward, backward, from side to side and rotation if convenient. Two or three minutes several times a day are sufficient for fine results. The hip joints will be freed and the sacro-iliac [sacroiliac] articulations and the lumbar vertabrae [vertebrae] will benefit by this polarity normalizing movement. Deep tension, spasms, and tissue stagnations will disappear. The elasticity of the step will come back as well as the pleasure of walking. Benefits will be felt by young and old alike. Daily practice does it. Wasted and flabby tissues will be toned and take on a normal appearance. The sagging buttox [buttocks] which is the sign of vital exhaustion will become normal again, through perserverance [perseverance] of practice, aided by quick cold showers over the buttox [buttocks] and hips. For the short time and effort spent in this vital posture, vital effects will be noticed by each person, young or old. Symptoms and pains will change when life currents flow again. The flush in the cheeks will be felt in the postures. The sparkle in the eyes can follow if continued. A youthful life at 65 [sixty-five] is possible through polarity energy currents flowing in their fields again.

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