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2 - Health-Building Ideas

This house of clay in which we stay
And where we play and also pray,
Is our temple and our fort, for life's sport,
Built from mind and feeling patterns long and short.

We are what we eat and drink
What we feel and what we think.
"Man does not live by bread alone."
Mind patterns rule our life.

Sound and Light Waves

Life is the expression of love in sound waves and energy currents, throughout the creation and in man. Love is light, which crystalizes as beauty in the spectrum, becomes color and gases as it is reduced in speed of vibration, and also forms the beautiful colors in the buds, the flowers, and the fruits. It precipitates as the delicate pink color of the lacework of tissues in the human form. Everywhere is the expression of love and beauty as art and design patterns. Concentrated waves form electromagnetic fields, build the cells and govern them by attraction and repulsion. The three gunas* are everywhere the attributes of matter and motion, as positive (+), negative (-), and neuter [neutral] (0). Everywhere is life in motion and in sound effects, such as speech, the songs of birds, and the lowing of beasts or their roar of life's expression. There is music everywhere as plus and minus tones, without and within, if we can

* Gunas[1]: The universal principles governing all motion. In his advanced texts, Dr. Stone uses the gunas as a mode of categorizing various types of therapeutic interventions.

1 In Sanskrit, "guna" means "string" or "thread". According to Hindu philosophies, there are three gunas through which the nature of the universe is expressed: sattva (creation), rajas (preservation), and tamas (destruction). These principles correspond to the respective Taoist principles of Yang, Neutral, and Yin. These far eastern terms have become the preferred terms for many Polarity Therapy practitioners.


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