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Polarity Therapy Volume 1, Book 2

Chart No. 63
- The Ideal Posture and Rocking Balance Stretch for the Release of the Downward Airy Currents of Energy in the Body Which Govern All Expelling Functions of Gases, Liquids and Solids. Frees the Back Pressure from the Heart.

The object is the release of blocks in the tissues by motion while these fields are in proximity under a polarity action as well as a muscular pull. Tone and freedom in the pelvis is the objective. This vitality release in the most vital field in the body aids health. The posture is easier with shoes on at first. Try barefooted later as it gives more stretch. Clothing must be free. Only practice conquers and accomplishes. Three minutes several times a day gives good results.

When a person feels tired, restless and cannot relax to go to sleep or feels indisposed in any way it means that the energy currents of the body are not operating as they should. There is interference difficult to interpret. We feel weary. Taking the postures for just a few minutes each, will start the current flow and will make resting a real pleasure. Feet should be flat on the floor.

This posture is the final stage of many gentle efforts of squatting which stretches the muscles by degrees and not by force. For this position the feet are fairly close together to obtain more support on the colon from the thighs, for the final stretch with the breath from the inside. The downward force - called apana - in the East is activated by this posture. Gravity assists the elimination of liquids and solids. Three airy fields in the body are acted upon at once in this final stage, which makes the downward currents of energy move by releasing the most negative area blocks first in the calves of the legs. The neuter [neutral] pole of this airy principle is in the colon, which becomes a storage for gases, pressed by the thighs, and the arm pull inward on the knees. The positive pole is the chest, as the intake. The brachial plexus is the governor. The arm pull must stretch the area between the shoulders so it is felt. Then a deep breath can be used to stretch all the spinal muscles from within against the head, pull forward, on all these tissues. The response will be felt at once, even vertebrae will adjust themselves naturally as by an inner lift. Gases will roll, and liquids and solids follow the air block release. Vital forces are freed to move as the five vital winds in the body. A rocking motion is now added forward and backward and from side to side as well as a turning rotation if possible.

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