Book 2: The Wireless Anatomy of Man & Its Function - A Course in Manipulative Therapy with Principles & Illustrations

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These charts and explanations are a sincere effort to point to a finer energy concept as the real cause of disease behind its grosser manifestation. With the finer concept must go a constitution of the five-fold energy fields heretofore overlooked. We even test steel for its molecular flaws of structure and tensile strength. Why should we not give the same consideration to the quality and tone of functioning tissue and the energy circuits behind it which really condition it? Many puzzling facts will explain themselves when we examine them in the light of the basic electro-magnetic [electromagnetic] field which underlies the gross structure. Polarity relationships of triune functions will also explain many factors which nerve tracing and the circulation does not account for, - opposites, such as, head and feet, ankles and kidney functions, knees and digestive reactions, etc., etc.

There is nothing occult in the various densities of matter in any form. Why has this field been overlooked in all our intense research in chemistry? Is it possible that we have lost ourselves in external details and failed to link them to a living center? Progress in constructive living application is slow; it is a laborious, endless task.

If we say this foundation is old and antiquated like Ayurvedic Medicine, then we must admit that the spirit and interest has been lost in an art which is based upon the constitution of matter itself. Nothing has been added for centuries, but all peoples have benefited by it. How can even a great art live without inspiration and devotion to art itself? If no new light is shed on the way by interest, inspiration and research, the light becomes dim and the way obscure. Even God can be forgotten in the pursuits of our own interests.

Since life is closely linked to the more subtle aspects of matter, why should the denser and grosser phases receive all the emphasis, research, and awards. Mind itself is but the finest matter and can only be understood in its total function by tracing it from its source to its effect in its various stages of step-down energy fields in the finer constitution of man. These subtle energy fields are facts and are not nearly as elusive as chasing thoughts and ideas around which might produce a mental-emotional block in the patient. This is a short-cut to psychiatry with a pattern anatomy of sub-mental fields which have great scientific possibilities.

The whole constitution of man must be taken into consideration, not merely the treating of the body as a chemical or mechanical machine. Every reaction to any application of therapy or drug must come from within the body, from the soul entity, thru [through] its various step-down mechanisms, voluntary or involuntary, conscious or unconscious. The body has no sensation itself, neither has the mind. Its real entity of all sensory reception and reaction is the dweller in the central core of the body. Therefore, the most effective therapy should reach that central core and make its centers (chakras) spin and act to produce a most necessary harmony of currents and reactions. That type of therapy which reaches the core of sensory and motor action and arouses a radiant glow of reaction and a balancing and repolarizing of currents from the center out and inward can be considered a real therapy of causes. These charts and explanations are an earnest endeavor to present an overall view and some applications of a lost art of the finer forces of man.

Leonardo da Vinci, in the 15th century, used the principle of the four polarized elements of earth, air, fire and water for all his scientific discoveries which anticipated most of our modern inventions. The soundness of this foundation and its adaptability for its future discoveries implies an open challenge to the science of our age.


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