Book 5: Vitality Balance - Further Explorations of Polarity Principles & Techniques

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The Plumb Line and What It Means

The plumb line shows distortions and muscle tensions that are unequal in the skeletal framework. A patient can be badly distorted and yet not be very sick; he may not even know it. Another patient may check good on the plumb line, and can feel terribly bad.

The plumb line does not indicate vital function distortions, nor Sympathetic or Parasympathetic nerve disturbances, nor acute inflammatory diseases, except when skeletal muscles are involved. The plumb line is a good check for structural distortions, but not for functional imbalance. There are many lines of stress in the body energy fields that are not governed by mere physical gravity. The four elements themselves are beyond the law of gravity, as they are energy particles of the finest kind, a fourth grade of matter, like electrons.

In all our doings, understanding is of the greatest importance. And to blend the energy fields of the body in their functions is the primary need. Many people go around humpbacked and all distorted, and live to a ripe old age. It is not the structure that kills us, but the vital function's inability to act. True, every organ must have room in which to expand and contract; but correcting a visible, external distortion does not necessarily correct a vital function.

Keeping the four elements in mind in all of our manipulative work, will help the patient much more than popping all the vertebrae. Balancing the energy fields and factors by means of manipulation, will do wonders for the patient as well as for the reputation of the profession. IT IS NOT BY STRENGTH NOR BY MIGHT, BUT BY SKILL THAT WE SUCCEED.

Many times a patient may check good on the plumb line, but still complain of low back pains. In men, this is usually due to prostatic gland trouble and should be so treated. In women, this is usually a uterine reflex. Sensory energy blocks are too fine to show on the gravity line. They have their field in the inner sensory exchange centers, between the Sympathetic and the Parasympathetic systems, as emotional tension. DEEP PERINEAL CONTACTS TO BALANCE THE THREE NERVOUS SYSTEMS [1] FROM BELOW UPWARD, IS THE ANSWER TO MOST OF THESE SPASMS AND PAINS IN THE DEEP MUSCLE FIBERS OF THE PELVIS. To balance the below with the above, and the tension within with the one without, is a good rule to follow for any tension release. The centers attract, the surface resists and tightens up. Release both, the plus and the minus poles.

1 See Autonomic Nervous System Terminology for more information.


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