Book 4: The Mysterious Sacrum - The Key to Body Structure & Function

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Explanation of Chart No. 13

1 - Mind energy is the first essence of matter, which travels in the media of the cerebrospinal fluid in the entire nervous system. It is the pattern energy of geometric proportions in the atomic fields of matter as the shape of things to be. All energy must have a circumscribed field in which to act, as a pattern design, a field of operation, like a nest for a bird. Without such a field of limits, even the vast energies in space would lose themselves in exhaustion and to no purpose.

Hence all construction must start first with designs of blueprints and patterns of things to be created, built or made. As the pattern is, so is the structure in its relation and function to all parts as a unit. Geometry and geometric proportions are the first process of creation in the great and in the small. "God geometrizes."

The human skull has the outline and shape of an egg, a miniature planet-like shape. It is the individual microcosmos where the pattern of all things to be in that body are cast or woven into the substance called the brain tissue, which is the positive pole of the being. All things are represented here as patterns of mind energy and ideas, with a rhythmic wave length of their own. The whole body is but a duplication of these patterns in a more dense form and a lower vibratory key of action. "As above (in the brain) so below" (in the body).

This geometric pattern energy is extended throughout the body by the spinal cord and the nervous system as the director of things to be. Diffused mind energy rules every cell of the body or it could not have the intelligence to do the selective and specific work of maintaining all the automatic actions for the preservation of the body. The soul's intelligence and energy work through the mind to build this body, as the house it wants to inhabit and maintain.

2 - The bloodstream has its essence in the fiery energy of the sun, which is the warmth of the body and the warm feeling of human relationship. It is a neuter [neutral] energy which governs the heart beat. In excitement and in emotional stress, the heart loses all balance of rhythmic regularity. The energy in the heart and that of the brain and the cerebrospinal fluid are then out of tune. The brain pattern waves of respiration are too slow for the heart rhythm in any emotional upset. THE CO-ORDINATION IMPULSES OF THE FOURTH, FIFTH AND SIXTH CERVICAL VERTEBRAE [C4, C5, C6] AND THE PHRENIC NERVES NEED TONING UP AND THE SENSITIVE ENDS OF THE SPINOUS PROCESSES NEED QUIETING BY A POSITIVE BUT GENTLE CONTACT, WHICH IS DONE BY THE RIGHT HAND AS SHOWN IN FIGURE 1.

The central core in the spinal cord is reflected locally in the tip of its negative external central bone, the spinous process of the vertebrae. The quieting reflex of a gentle application is transmitted to the core where the central pattern energy is under tension and stress through the pressure of the fiery energy in the emotions and in the blood in the heart region.

3 - The vital generative energy in the pelvis is the negative pole of the mind pattern energy, as the foundation of the deep in the end of the descending cycle. It becomes the seed power with its crystallized patterns in a liquid essence form.

The watery vital energy writes its lines of geometric proportions in the neuter [neutral] poles of the hands, as finger print patterns and lines which indicate the paths of the heart and the head energies and the life or the generative energy in man and in skin functions and the secretions as a whole. The feet are its negative pole, with pattern designs of their own. The energy in the cerebrospinal fluid in the sacrum is the positive motor pole and its balance is most important. The anterior generative center is the sensory negative pole.


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