Book 5: Vitality Balance - Further Explorations of Polarity Principles & Techniques

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A Brief Outline of Vitality Balance

take place and the communication of the energies within the body spells BALANCE AND WELL BEING to all cells and tissues involved.

In our world of radio, television, telephone and telegraph[1] we take this for granted. But in our body's system of the circulation of ENERGIES which are wireless, we doubt its efficacy because we believed that only chemistry or mechanics could accomplish results. They all have their place and achieve a measure of results, but POLARITY Therapy has and can help many who have failed to succeed in obtaining results by other methods.

Proof does not explain the process to the confused mind, so it is passed by because of popular, set belief. New things and ideas must make a place for themselves by new pattern grooves in the mind of the public. This is done by advertising and popularizing a new idea or thing, and takes much effort, time and money. That is why many good things do not reach the minds of the people. It is a slow process.

POLARITY THERAPY is a comparatively new art which produces amazing results, especially in difficult cases, some of which had even baffled the experts in every field of therapy. Yet it is so very simply [simple] when one understands the circuits of the body the same as an electrician understands the wiring in a house. A good physician knows instantly where the energy circuits in the body are blocked or short-circuited. They can be effectively relieved by means of Polarity Therapy.

The first book along these lines was published by the author in 1948. It was called "THE NEW ENERGY CONCEPT OF THE HEALING ART". It is now improved and enlarged and is published under the title of THE VITAL POLARITY IN THE HEALING ART. It is a companion of this book and deals mainly with the foundation and principles; while this book goes more into the details of the application of these principles.

May this work reach the seekers who are looking for a deeper perspective of a common denominator in the healing art, to push it along in keeping with all the atomic discoveries of today. The health and well-being of the people should not be neglected. It should really be the first concern of the scientists, doctors and educators. Without health and happiness, all our modern conveniences are of little comfort to us.

1 Not to mention computer networks, WiFi, and data streaming.


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