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Health-Building Ideas

but hear it and see it in love and understanding of the Creator's Grace and Being.

"Life is one." "The Lord our God is One."

He is the essence of all life and beauty everywhere. With this keynote of understanding, life flows like a river of natural expression and manifests as health.

Positive Mind Patterns

To have health, we must have it in mind as an ideal pattern and an objective to work for. We must layout our days' work and habits in line with that blueprint of health and life - actively doing and being as we want to be. Then all will be a harmonious expression with a purpose in life, in love with the Creator and His wonderful creation.

He is in all there is as the one Essence, the One Life, the One Love, and the One Understanding of Truth. This keynote must be established as the positive mind pattern in the seeker of health, and by the positive attitude of daily realization and becoming in thought, in deeds, in actions and in feeling at one within oneself and with Nature outside.

Then these patterns will attract the positive particles of space energy and fill the patterns of cells and tissue formation with life's ions as we live, breathe and think in terms of love and life as our reality and heritage. We will become that which we contemplate.

Negative thoughts and fears attract negative ions to build into our mind space negative thought waves and negative energy waves, feelings of despondency and hopelessness. All this occurs because we have discarded the positive pattern of life as our ideal, our breath of life, and as our daily thinking on every subject and topic. We cannot think negative thoughts and reap positive results. We make the bed we lie on. We build the house we live in. If we really want health, we must be willing to work for it, the same as for wealth, education or other


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