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Health-Building Ideas

accomplishments in life. And those who seek health, truth or love shall find it if they devote themselves to it with zest and a purpose that never wavers in its course.

Life is a river; it is a road - a direction of energy waves and currents in our being that leads to more water of life, more space and tolerance and to higher pinnacles of love and understanding, through pleasure and pain, through success and failure, through trials and overcoming all our negative factors of thinking, doing and feeling, into a harmony of love and its fullness of expression through understanding and compassion.

Soulful Living

Health is not merely of the body, it is one in all. It is the natural expression of the Soul, of love, of life in rhythm with the One Life, its Source and supply house. Happiness is of the Soul, in love of oneness and unity, the reality of being. The body is an earthy Temple and has only the happiness in its fields which the thinker or artist in the body builds into it, by thinking designs and patterns of happiness and health. "As we think so we are."[1] All our efforts must be toward health as a unit of accomplishment and life itself in daily habits of eating and drinking for health only. We must not merely obey our sense of taste or cravings and habits of the past. Life must have a definite purpose and meaning. It is a road that leads somewhere. Where is our guiding Star, and our Goal? What is life for, if it is not an effort to higher realization of consciousness or Soul growth and inner happiness? We can become that which we wish to be if we work for it.

Objectives and Life's Jewel

Possessions, position and condition are but means to an end, not the end in itself. We must use these wisely, or they will use us as slaves and servants to their design and pattern of more and more greed and exhaustion through frustration, enervation and bad health. If you wish to gain health and happiness,

1 James Allen (1864-1912), a British philosophical author and pioneer of the self-help movement. In 1903, he published his most popular book, As a Man Thinketh.


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