Book 5: Vitality Balance - Further Explorations of Polarity Principles & Techniques

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The Mystery of Fever

by natural methods and not be permitted to burn the 'house' down. Very satisfactory and sometimes miraculous results were obtained by me in the many hundreds of acute and chronic cases which I have treated in this manner - and some of them were very serious conditions with complications, such as middle ear diseases, etc.

It matters not what the name of the disease may be, the fever is to be controlled in the same NATURAL way, and then the controlled fever itself will burn out the disease, usually leaving the body in better health than ever.

Medical science has also observed the curative effect of fevers, and uses diathermy and short wave therapy to create an artificial fever. Sometimes even malaria germs have been used to create an artificial fever for the cure of some obscure disease. But a natural fever is not tolerated nor properly controlled and utilized! MAN ENDURES - NATURE CURES.

BOILS AND CARBUNCLES: Usually there is fever and pain with this effort of Nature to eliminate some specific poison from the bloodstream. Nature's effort should be sustained by the wise physician who sees the long range good and benefit for the patient in this elimination of impurities which could not be accomplished otherwise. It should be encouraged by means of hot flaxseed poultices applied over the acute areas, to draw all this poison outward, to a head by dilation and surface expansion.

A boil or carbuncle must ripen, like a fruit on the Tree of Life, be it good or bad. Poultices of any kind, heat and patience are the main factors here. A fruit diet assists elimination by not taxing the digestive system, as rich foods do, which caused this condition in the first place.

Lancing a boil or carbuncle drives the poison and infectious enzymes back into the bloodstream and that can cause heart trouble and other severe symptoms due to the suppression of Nature's process. Where the vitality is good, there will be more crops of boils or carbuncles after each lancing or other means of suppression of Nature's process, until exhaustion produces worse after effects.


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