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The Airy Principle as a Triune Function in the Body

relaxation and well-being. It gives the most results for the thing which nearly everybody needs - freeing of gases and supplying more air and oxidation for the body. For the minimum of time and effort spent for health, none can equal it in results. It has even deeper values for higher benefits not touched upon here. A few minutes spent each day for relief of gases and improved elasticity of muscles will be rewarded by better energy flow.

With the downward current active as the most negative function, namely elimination, all other functions are free to act without that drag of all the waste products of solids, liquids and gases in the tissues of the body. When even one bubble of air in a hot water or steam pipe can cause the whole system to pound like hammers and stop all circulation in an inanimate object, what must it be in a living organism! When the principle involved is once understood, the Easy Stretching Postures will come naturally as they are tried. Anyone may be convinced by the benefits derived from the exercises. But, in the beginning, it should be practiced for only two or three minutes at a time, without forcing anything.

Some may think that merely squatting when defecating is sufficient. But that is not enough. I have tried this posture for years in that manner without much gain or awakening of its importance as the quickest road to health and elasticity of muscles and balance of motion, until the posture was taken as an exercise and combined with the stretches illustrated in this book.[1]

This springy step is possible by gentle perseverance only. Do not force! Nature's way is gentle growth. Gradual change marks her path everywhere. When Nature moves suddenly, it is for destruction. No wonder the ancients likened Nature's forces to angry gods who strike swiftly and powerfully!

1 The benefits of squatting during defecation are only now being explored by the scientific community. Cultures that squat have almost nonexistent cases of intestinal disorders including hemorrhoids, diverticular disease, irritable bowl syndrome, and colon cancer. For decades, this was thought to be due to a high-fiber diet. However many recent studies, including a large-scale study published in 1999, show little to no correlation between a high-fiber diet and decreased colon cancer risks. It is coming to be believed that squatting may be the real cause of increased colon health in these populations.


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