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The Purpose of the Postures & Why They Work

until this phase of planetary aspect changes. Then we can act and breathe again.

As long as an individual has not found his own center and Sun of Reality within, around which his life revolves, he is necessarily dependent on these outer forces to move him along like a leaf blown in the wind. We live either by an inner faith or are guided by outer circumstances. Which is our path and on what do we depend as our guiding star?

The forces outside are as impartial as the wind which blows. They affect us by the same vibratory energy waves which are latent within us and to which we respond. There are definite centers within us which correspond to certain centers in the universe. Like the air we breathe, radionic action of finer energies in the universe sustains our physical body. We have a definite relationship to these forces, but no control over them externally.

The amount of air taken into our body is governed by the act of breathing and the absorption of the oxygen and the energy in it. The finer energy circuits are also governed by centers and fields in our body which can be conditioned and positioned for energy flow from our centers within, when the without is not favorable. Primitive man had to endure the hardships of Nature, such as cold, heat, etc., as he had no means of complete isolation from without and very little means of duplicating these forces by reliable heat, ventilation, etc. In this age, that problem has been solved, but the other remains and leaves us as much a victim to outer forces in the finer energy fields as the cave man was to Nature's forces outside.

Man is a unit with a central sun and energy fields within himself in exact duplicate of the without, or he could not communicate and draw on the universal supplies needed to sustain the life in this body. Food, clothing and shelter are material things; but it is really the finer energies within these material things which we need the most!


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