Book 4: The Mysterious Sacrum - The Key to Body Structure & Function

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Explanation of Chart No. 10

according to a precise mental pattern in the positive sperm of the father, the negative ovum of the mother, plus the neuter [neutral] pole of the pattern energy which the incarnating soul brings with it as its own destiny, the fruit of its own previous desires and actions.

It is this unknown quantity and quality which makes each child in the same family different from the other. The trinity principle is again the active factor in determining the life span quality, and motion.

The fetus [foetus] attracts what it needs from the mother's blood stream as its universal supply. When it is ushered into the world of matter it becomes an infant when the cord is cut. Then its supply must come from the outside, through its own process of breathing, digestion and warmth.

The four polarized elements which were the electromagnetic energies latent in matter, as solids, liquids, gases and warmth, continue to build the body as before; but the elements of Mother Earth must now supply the material out of her bosom and storehouse. Mother's milk, or a substitute liquid which contains all these elements, may be the babe's proper nourishment for a while until the child is able to obtain its nourishment direct from the supply of Mother Nature.

The infant's energy fields are built according to his mental pattern field, in every one of the body's five major cavities. By the electromagnetic function of these, the babe attracts unto itself what it needs and can digest in order to grow. These currents continue to weave back and forth throughout life, to keep the body in tune with Mother Nature, so it can live on earth.

If any one of these currents are depolarized in the individual and out of tune with Mother Nature's supply, it spells disease, and suffering for that person. Or if even one is broken, then the whole house (body) falls back into chaos and the clay of the earth.

This vital fact of life has been forgotten by man because it serves so silently.

The infant has a complete zodiac in its own make-up, an exact duplicate of the cosmos in which it lives, or it could not exist here on earth. This is woven by the four pattern threads of "the Four Rivers of Life" stated in Genesis and explained in my book, "The New Energy Concept of the Healing Art".

When the four modes of matter, as solids, liquids, gases and warmth, as electromagnetic energy, act in their triple function - in and through the body, they build it in a process similar to four threads in three shuttles. Then twelve stations or centers are formed which constitute the individual energy zodiac of each person.

This, then, is the miniature zodiac or microcosm by which man's finer forces are linked to the universe, and supply him with energy to attract the more solid forms of substances needed for his body.

These facts form the real field of Psychosomatics, of which so little is known in this day of positive force only. This principle in Nature and in man is the basis of all action as the finer energy operating in man and by which he lives, breathes and functions.

This real energy field in man is the basis and foundation of all my books and courses. No external astrology or astronomy is used in any of my work. All references to those forces pertain to similar operating functions in man. Even as the tiny atom is a universe in itself, so is man.


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