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The Psychosomatic Relationship of Man with the Universe (The Microcosm and the Macrocosm)

ORIGIN: Space is the great deep or void, the omnipresent '0' [zero] or "No-thing" out of which all things are made. In order to create anything in this immensity of "All-ness", an "Otherness" or limitation must be imposed, to outline and circumscribe any creation; whether this be a universe, a sun, an earth or a human being, or a cell or an atom.

It is said that God geometrizes. This becomes full of meaning when we realize the whirling forces of energy necessary to carve out a space or an outline in this all-space, in order to establish units of form, units of intelligence and mind. In other words, to differentiate the many from the ONE, and the unit in the Whole. So all our created objects are really whirls in space, like bubbles in an ocean. Thus all life on this earth is related to the WHOLE, the Macrocosm, the Akash [akasha, aakaasha] or Etheric Principle, the same as the bubble, the ripple, the wave or the drop in the ocean.

The operating Energy Field has a definite pattern in a higher sphere of Energy called the Causal Plane, or the Pattern World, the Heavens, the Cause and Origin of things. In Genesis, Moses on Mount Horeb was elevated in consciousness that he might see some of these patterns whirling in the Energy Fields of Causes in order that he be able to duplicate same in miniature on this earth (the Tabernacle in the Wilderness[1]). Jehovah's admonition to Moses was that he should build this Tabernacle according to the pattern shown him on the mount. The 'mount' represents the raised consciousness in the higher sphere of Energy Fields of Causes.

The story of Creation in the Bible and in most Sacred Scriptures bears out these facts. It is a Universal Concept of all ancient peoples, expressed in symbolic language, and hidden throughout the ages from the eyes of the unworthy. Truth is a two-edged sword. In quoting from the Wisdom of the Ancients, their sacred lore, and from the Bible, it is my aim to interpret these mystic writings, explain the MYSTERY OF MAN, identify the principles and, if possible, make clear their meaning to at least some thinking minds.

Sound, as supersonic and ultrasonic energy, is the first principle in Nature. "God spoke". Sound, not light, is the first principle of whirling, fiery action, as wheels of energy in space, creating rivers of whirls, entities, bubbles and individualizations from the All-ness or the One, in Its centrifugal, primal outpouring.

These rivers of energy, as principles of existence, are spoken of in the Bible as the four rivers of Life, flowing out of Paradise[2], out of a One River or state of energy called "Akash" [akasha, aakaasha] or "Prana" by the Hindus, or "ether" by our scientists. It is a superfine essence of life force, which splits into four streams

1 Exodus 25-27
2 Genesis 2:10


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