Book 4: The Mysterious Sacrum - The Key to Body Structure & Function

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The Mysterious Sacrum

All research in the healing art is bent on finding the "open Sesame" which will unlock the door to the mystery of life in the body of man. The health of patients is the concern and the problem of doctors, no matter what type of therapy they may employ.

"Specifics" is the cry of the day; do the one thing which does all. But Nature does not respond that way. Life is a mystery. All motion is triune. Nothing in the manifested universe is an independent unit. The lesser depends on the greater, and the superior rests on the inferior.

Structure has a physical basis in gravity and mechanics, and a psychological one in the life which inhabits this form or body. The important question is does the form rule the life or does the life rule the form? Where shall our emphasis be in order to reach the one point where our effort is most effective?

Is the superstructure more important than the foundation? Are we really trying to influence the Life Current, or the structural position of the key vertebra, the atlas [C1]?

If it is the Life Currents which we are trying to influence, then the superior pole is the most influential one. But, if it is structure, then the inferior pole or the foundation will be more in line with the proposition and with the principle of gravity pull.

Life flows from above downward, and structure supports function from below upward. Life is the first impulse. Reaction is the second wave, which must return to make a circle or a circuit of energy flow as CAUSE AND EFFECT, or positive and negative poles of the current.

Life must flow to express itself. Currents must conduct this energy from pole to pole as in any electrical field. The structure is the field through which the energy must flow and support the pattern and forms of energy fields of which the body is composed.

In the study of the entire bony structure of the body, the sacrum is the most vital and the most neglected bone. The spine has been given consideration by many schools. Lately, even the bones of the skull have received a lot of attention, because the polarity impulses of life through the bones, as electromagnetic fields, have yielded results hitherto unsuspected.

The cranial bones had been considered immovable because of the dovetailed sutures, by even the most enthusiastic doctors who adjusted other bones successfully. The fact that life breathes in the body, which in turn must expand and contract in rhythmic response through every body cell, had been totally overlooked.

The mechanics of the structure had completely overshadowed the life in it as the main actor of all function. Life does not depend on mechanics, but it activates the mechanical levers thus built for overcoming gravity. When the leverage system becomes useless or inoperative through trauma, then life stands still, lies dormant, or departs. The manifestation of life is only conditioned by mechanics and leverages as well as by gravity. Life overcomes gravity by leverage of bones and joints, through muscles and tendons which it operates. Structural limitations and trauma are life's limits in motion and function.

Electromagnetic currents are the circuits which act like wheels in the body's finer functions,


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