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3 - Principles & Application

"Creation has an outward purpose for the body and an inward purpose for the soul. ... The creation which we see with our material eyes, and only part of which we can comprehend, is but a very, very small part of the total Creation ... it is but a speck of the Real Grand Total of the entire expanse of finer and still finer Substance and Vastness beyond the comprehension of the mind."

Digestion is a process of combustion of solids or liquids to extract their heat units as energy for motion and their chemistry for replacing worn-out particles in the body tissues. "Combustion is a rapid chemical union of light and heat; its by-products are CO2 (carbon dioxide) and water (moisture)." Combustion in an engine and in our digestive system is similar - and very informative by comparison.

The fuel for an engine must be suitable for that type of engine and combustion chamber, whether it be a steam or gasoline engine. This is an important point in building health and maintaining it. Even wealthy men, like John D. Rockefeller who had a very poor digestive system all his life, by very careful selection and light eating of simple foods lived to a ripe old age. The Italian nobleman, Cornario, proved the same point. He lived to be 110 years old because he lived a simple life after he was told by doctors that he would die in his early youth because of his reckless habits.

A little thinking and attention applied to our own motor and its combustion proportions and quality would save us much ill health and suffering. On the process of digestion depends the maintenance of our body the same as the performance of the motor. Only with this exception: The body


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