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Latent Energy Fields in the Body

and health, yes; but not bulk in appearance. Dexterity of mind and thought go much better with an elastic body than a rigid one. Nature proves that. And a nimble wit rarely goes with a rigid type of body which has been subjected to much strain.

For the tense businessmen and women, posture stretches used during office hours would pay well when the mind sags and gas problems bother and interfere with the mental work at hand. A walk would take more time and not accomplish this much current flow, providing the new blood supply to the head and flush to the cheeks. And strange as it may seem, it is not done by standing on the head nor by aiding gravity nor by pushing the circulation around by force. Neither is it done by forceful breath control. In this work no breathing exercise is needed except as a stretch of muscles, by expanding the chest cavity with a natural deep breath and exhaling with a grunt that vibrates the tissues.

When the breath is used in a posture, it is for a general stretch of the tissues from within, outward, in order to reverse the day-long routine of constant impacts from without, pushing inward. No wonder we often feel like violence when the outer impacts become too forceful and continuous. Try this posture for a safety valve and benefit by the astonishing results.

Many mysteries are locked in the brain of man, the observer and thinker, the positive pole of the body. How many such secrets of equal importance are locked up in the pelvis, the negative pole? Have we ever asked ourselves this question? In proportion to external scientific pursuits, how much attention has been given to man himself? Experience teaches that man's growth and real life is an individual problem. And it must be so in order to leave him a free agent. Life is an expression of the soul of man from within, outward. When he succeeds too well in the outer, he usually forgets the inner Source of life altogether until illness or other misfortune strikes.

Is it not possible for man to keep well by doing a few simple things daily and living less strenuously? The answer is


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