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Polarity Therapy Principles & Practice

14. Acupuncture balances the two currents in their function and polarity with each other by means of needles, so they will flow in and out of the form freely in normal action and expression, called Health or Well-being. When there is no obstruction to the energy current flow, there is no pain or stagnation in the circulation.

15. WHAT THE NEEDLES CAN DO, THE HANDS CAN DO BETTER, with a battery of consciousness behind them plus intelligence for direction of currents. The right hand is the positive sun action, radiating, disbursing, outgoing golden energy. The left hand is the negative cooling moon energy, toning, soothing and inhibiting or concentrating the current for sedimentation and use. The negative current is the mother principle of the nest builder in Nature, for perpetuation and repair.

16. Isometric or Isometros (equality of measure, balance) is the trend of action and exercise today. In the Hermetic art they did this by magnetic passes, and the laying on of hands on the positive and negative areas, instead of using the gold and silver needles.

17. In the body, the pulse beat is the measure of life waves going out and flowing in, carrying air and nourishment to all cells. Circulation follows the energy current in its movement. When there is an energy block, the heart, as a regulator, is helpless.

18. All tissues, even the brain and nerve tissues function in proportion to their blood supply. Physically, it is most important then, that all therapy should balance and improve the blood supply to the tissues.

19. Symptom relief and blood supply are positive checks and proof.

20. Even in the down-to-earth physical realm, we have the functioning of the law of Polarity, of expansion and contraction, upon which all function and motion depends.

21. The vasomotor dilators and constrictors are the real regulators of the circulation. If the brain cells and the cord cells do not get their needed blood supply, they can not function.

22. Hypertension, caused by arterial vaso-constriction [vasoconstriction] in excess of the dilators, causes an excess flow of blood to the brain and the spinal cord, producing a hyperemia there and an anemia on the outside surface of the spinal muscles.


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