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Polarity Therapy Principles & Practice

1. Energy is the real substance behind the appearance of matter and forms.

2. Energy precipitates all forms according to a mental blueprint pattern set forth by the Creator in His decree or Will.

3. Energy enlivens all forms and sustains them by linking them with all Nature, as the unit of substance and matter.

4. Energy in the sunlight can be broken up by the spectrum into colors which are gases and determine the presence of metals in planets far away. The secretion of chemistry in the body is a similar process. Carbons loaded with a metal iron core will produce short ultra violet light waves. Here the chemistry from energy to liquids and solids has its beginning.

5. Energy is a living breath of life, called "Prana", from a higher sphere of the space world. The breath of life is also called "Qi" [chi] in Acupuncture. One of the concepts of Acupuncture is that of Polarity. Life exists as the result of tension between two extremes - male and female - positive and negative - yang and yin - pingala and ida - right and left breath - qualitative and quantitative.

6. The nucleus or neutron energy is the central core energy as a neuter [neutral] principle in Nature, called "Prana, Qi [chi], Od, Akash [akasha, aakaasha]" or Ether. Its position in the body is the center core of fine energy substance from the top of the head to the end of the spine, like the staff of Hermes, the Messenger of God's Energy, called the Caduceus, the Tree of Life in the human form. From it radiates the energy which flows over the three nervous systems as the airy neuter [neutral] principle, and flows in the cerebrospinal fluid as its river and conductor of the Sea of Life Essence. This is the green or neuter [neutral] spectrum band.

This neutron energy also flows over the circulation as the positive principle of Fire and Warmth [Yang1], the river of the sustaining life substance. This is the three-fold red spectrum in the light sphere.

This same energy also radiates and flows in the lymphatic system and all secreting glands as the negative Water Principle [Yin1], which is cooling, soothing and healing. This is the blue, indigo and violet in the spectrum waves.

7. Between the eyes lies the center of Consciousness, which connects the Soul as Awareness with the outside world, through the right and left breath and the ten senses - the five sensory and five motor senses - through which we

1 To alleviate confusion between the Three Principles (Fire, Water and Air) and the Five Elements (Ether, Air, Fire, Water and Earth), many Polarity practitioners refer to Dr. Stone's "Fiery Principle" as "Yang," his "Watery Principle" as "Yin," and his "Airy Principle as "Neutral" or "Tao." See The Three Principles and Five Elements for more information.


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