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Polarity Therapy Volume 1, Book 2

Chart No. 11
- Energy Therapy Chart of the Lines of Force of the Interlaced Triangle

Each oval area is polarized into superior + middle 0 and lower - pole. The negative gathers the force and becomes positive to all centers below it.

The base of the upper triangle of inner energy is the life force with its posterior + superior pole in the medulla oblongata. It reflects vital energy tension and gravity by the position of the head.

The upper triangle conveys the fiery energy of the head downward as warmth and light for direction of motion. It also conveys the life energy of breath and air mixed in the carburetor of the heart and distributed through the circulation of the blood to every cell in the body keeping them alive. This energy impulse is the push behind the circulation.

God geometrizes

(A) One base above as the positive pole

(B) The uvula + pole inside

(C) The diaphragm as the 0 neuter [neutral] functioning pole

(D) The rectum as the - negative functioning pole

(E) One base below as the negative pole and energy reserve in the sacrum

(F) Pubic reflexes to the sinuses

(G) Space of spiritual influx pictured as Athena in the head of Zeus

(H) Creation of ideas above

(I) Creation of forms below

The base of this lower triangle is the vital force. It is a mixture of cosmic water and earth energy which reacts to gravity by the position of the sacrum.

When this sleeping force is lifted up to the brain by intense concentration and devotion the serpent power ascends upward on the tree of life whence it came. This energy then awakens the latent sleeping force in the pineal gland (the pine cone center) and unfolds the pattern of cosmic consciousness.

Relationship of energy lines and gravity stress in the pelvis. Through this fluid within the sacrum the individual vital force relates to earthiness and joins with gravity by its attraction to earth.

The triangle within the sacrum is the seat of stored up vital pattern energy as the negative pole of the brain flowing through the central core. It is a triune energy highly polarized by intense attraction within itself and externally

This energy becomes the bow of the archer Sagitarius [Sagittarius] through the expression of force in the thighs directed upward or downward

The sacrum
Seat of coiled up energy

Note enlarged space in the dura mater to hold cerebro spinal [cerebrospinal] fluids

An ancient picture of the Kundalini force as the sleeping vital energy in the sacrum

This center is the lower irrational pole opposite to the brain where directive intelligence resides. Here below is a relentless drive of force downward and outward like a mainspring coiled up and tense.

Illustration Keywords: (fig. 1) superior, +, oval cavity, 0, medulla, -
(fig. 2) seeing, running
(fig. 4) dura mater

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