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18 - The Airy Principle as a Triune Function in the Body

"Never force anything, physically or mentally!"

Life begins with breath. With a cry the babe enters this world, and the aged leave it with a sigh. The airy principle in Nature is the most important in life's function. Not even one cell can live without air, much less function without it.

The air is a neuter [neutral] principle in Nature and links man's respiratory life essence with its own by constant exchange of inhalations and exhalations - centripetal and centrifugal action - a positive and a negative flow. And on what does this exchange depend? On the positive factor of forceful breathing? Not nearly as much as we think! The elimination of the negative factor of carbon dioxide in the blood and tissues, as well as other waste gases, is the final answer to this circuit of inhalation and expulsion of all gases which clog and block the cells of the body. Oxygen cannot be taken up by the blood in the presence of carbon dioxide or other waste gases in the blood. The presence of one real gas bubble in the circulation can be serious; and diffused gases will not permit oxidation in the tissues, except in the lungs which have a special arrangement for the escape of carbon dioxide gases through the very thin membranes of the lung tissues.

Stagnant waste gases are often absorbed by the thin layers of the endoderm, or lining in the bowels, especially in the colon, because in the arrangement of fields in the body, the colon is the neuter [neutral] pole for the airy principle, where the gases


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