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Energy Tracing

relieve the deep internal expansion pressure on the nerve itself. I had several such severe chronic sciatica cases in my clinic in India as well as in the U. S. A. Some had expert medical diagnosis and attention at home and in hospitals, and after a year or more of it were advised to have surgery. That is when they came to me and I could prove my POLARITY PRINCIPLE of ENERGY. They were relieved in one or two treatments. The recurring gas pressure was eliminated by releasing the digestive energy blocks. (See chart No. 4 in the set of 25 charts)

The above is mentioned to show the practical application of this new basic approach to the over-all picture of therapy in treating bad chronic cases, even after prolonged hospitalization and all modern therapy had failed. Experience is the best teacher, and the proof lies in accomplishment.

The shoulder level is the horizontal line of subtle stress and the base and fulcrum for the airy and vital pranic energy circulation to the neck and head. This subtle energy is the active mover in the blood stream also, beyond the physical gravity principle! It is the upper triangle of the Tree of Life of circulation, digestion, oxidation and carbon dioxide pressure release.

But this takes far more than mere pressure on a spot, or a needle in the blockade pressure point, as in Acupuncture. It is an art and a science, rather than a mere process of movements applied by any other type of therapy or chemistry. It deals with subtle ENERGY and not the gross forces that are obvious. Even a lifetime of research work and midnight oil can solve only a measure of such problems of health and living. This has to be seen and demonstrated personally, after which the books and charts really mean something and can be used as reference books.

The soul, as the center of conscious being in the body, must be reached through these life energies by mending the short circuits of mental and emotional resistance through understanding the subtle life process in ourself and in Nature, which are the tattwa [tattva] or elemental tension fields. This law of Life and Motion operates in the cosmos and in man, and cannot be ignored. Life itself is a paradox, which comforts while it mocks!

Opposite to the shoulder level is the hip level base, the water tattwa [tattva] or element and the earth tattwa [tattva] support fulcrum of motion. These two major levels must be coordinated in therapy as horizontal lines of forces in action. It is like the Ark of Noah, floating on the psychic energy ocean of Life. (See chart No. 10 in Book II)


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