Book 3: Polarity Therapy & Its Triune Function - A New Manipulative Therapy

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all problems. The mind immediately answers this for each individual by the assertion, "That which I believe, is right". Mere assertion proves nothing. The logical answer would be, "That which serves best, is best". And the law of survival seems to substantiate this. Results speak for themselves. Theories and assertions are of little use to a person in pain or physically incapacitated.

The Ayurvedic system of medicine which originated in India about six thousand years ago was based on the understanding of the forces in Nature as the storehouse of energy which pervades all created things and relates to them in definite extensions of lines of force, the WHOLE to each unit. These forces are also in miniature, in a polarized form, in man. Whenever that polarity of exchange was broken by excess or over stimulation [over-stimulation, overstimulation] of one of the currents in the fields of energy, the original Ayurvedic practice was to employ an opposite force as a remedy. Weak fields were also built up by similar essences found in foods, herbs, etc.

More science and logic was embodied in the theory and practice of the Ayurvedic System of old than it is credited with today. Much of its real art is lost or overlooked in the present-day practice of this system. It was based on a deeper understanding of life and its values embodied in all things in the universe. No superstition was involved in its simpler forms of effective application of the principles of Polarity. When the art was lost and the principles were neglected, then, like all things neglected, it lost its following in a world of purely material scientific research.

There are many active principles of finer essences which are not to be found in the gross field of chemistry. Homeopathy proves this point clearly by the use of finer essences which cannot be traced by means of gross chemical analysis. But these essences work on the inward cycle of currents, in the centripetal force, where the quantity factor stops and the quality or essence factor takes over and flows on inward, toward a neuter center where neither the positive pole nor the negative one predominates but both are balanced in a neuter [neutral] center of receptivity before being emanated again as Polarity Currents for definite action.

In India a complete art of Homeopathy related to the Ayurvedic principles has been built on the finer essence of matter and its triune action. And this is effectively used in some parts of India today.

In the Drugless field of Manipulative Therapy, the fundamental principles are also the energy fields and forces in POLARITY action and their balance. But to the best of my knowledge, no one beside myself has set forth these ideas and a therapy based upon this foundation.

The mechanical basis of a nerve pressure producing a functional distortion has served well in many schools of physiological therapy of adjustment and manipulation. However, there are many factors which fall short of their goal in theory and in actual practice.

A new viewpoint and emphasis are needed for greater effectiveness and deeper synchronization of all of man's energy fields within himself and their structural balance with the earth's gravity as well as the finer fields of energy supply from Nature. In present-day research, only gravity and the chemical and mechanical factors are investigated. The other, finer forces in Nature have not been mentioned or considered in the same manner, even though they are more important because they are the finer and more potent energy fields.


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