Book 3: Polarity Therapy & Its Triune Function - A New Manipulative Therapy

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Chart No. 1

[See Book 3, Chart 1]

In my text books No. I and II, these principles are fully illustrated in hand drawn charts. The principles are based upon an integrative system of structural and functional relationship of currents. The instructions for determining the direction of travel of these waves is also clearly demonstrated in charts No's. 3, 5, 6, 7, 8 of book II.

This symbolic key chart of Polarity Principles brings to our attention the grand, over-all picture of the relationship of man to this universe, and a clear structural relationship of parts to each other. It is all based on the laws of the Trinity Principle in operation. Man's construction and function is similar to that of the atom and the universe. He is between these two poles. Man can express the heights of the Infinitely Great and the depth of the infinitely small atoms which are the constituents of his being.

The soul is the essence of being and life in the body, and functions through the brain and the center of the spinal cord, to the end of the coccyx, as dual neuter [neutral] energy. The arms and legs are levers of polarized expression for skill and motion.

The cerebrospinal fluid seems to act as a storage field and a conveyor for the ultrasonic and the light energies. It bathes the spinal cord and is a reservoir for these finer essences, conducted by this fluidic media through all the fine nerve fibers as the first airy mind and life principle in the human body.

Through this neuter [neutral] essence, mind functions in and through matter as the light of intelligence. That is why it is the ruler of this fine energy in the fields of function. Mind energy is a reality, as much as and even more potent than atomic energy. A mental block is often a very serious matter. Who can restore the mind function or balance?

The soul acts through mind substance, energizing the polarized fields of the brain for specific function and motion. The sensory fields are in the front and on the top portion of the brain. The motor fields are in the back and the bottom portion of the brain. Waking consciousness resides in the anterior part of the brain, at a point between the two eyes and immediately above the bridge of the nose. In sleep, this essence descends to the lower centers. This describes a living physiology of energy function.

In this chart the life principle of the soul is expressed by its two wings as ultrasonic energy or positive action, and as radiant light waves or negative energy of perception and conception of ideas and impulses. This is the principle of sight and memory as stored impressions, like a photographic process. Physical functions are stepped-down currents from the primary energy, through conveyors (such as nerves, arteries, veins and lymphatics) for specific action.

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