Book 1: Energy - The Vital Polarity in the Healing Art

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also in head noises, where congestion is deep. Cold compresses and snow compresses have the same idea as a background, only they were more gentle, and slower in giving results. Friction with snow has saved many a frozen limb or member of the body, by restoring the flow of Prana through the Prana contained in the snow. RUNNING WATER CLEARS ITSELF because the motion of the water in the air gathers Prana, especially when it tumbles over rocks or flows swiftly, as it has more contact with the air.

Snow, rain water and deep well water are carriers of Prana. That is why fresh spring waters in certain localities have such healing effects. The chemicals may be there, or may vary, but the real life-giving effect is in the Prana and not in the chemicals. At present we over-emphasize chemistry everywhere except in the atomic bomb. Here lines of force come into play that far exceed all our knowledge of chemical explosives. It is this shock that will lead us back to a TRUE EVALUATION OF NATURE'S FINER FORCES and lines of force, acting in all things. These finer observations had escaped material science, as we had nothing to hold them or with which to measure them. Much progress is being made on the destructive side of energies and forces. DOES IT NOT BEHOOVE US TO MAKE CONSTRUCTIVE RESEARCH AND APPLICATIONS?

Ancient civilizations, prior to our recorded history, had their involutions from a great to a low point. And it is from this low point that we observe evolution. "What comes down, must go up" and vice versa. It is Nature's play of life forces - in waves - from time immemorial.

Life in ancient times was less strenuous; its tendency was toward contemplation, especially the pastoral life. Many thoughtful persons became aware of some of the energies within them and understood Nature's forces better because of this awareness. Some archives of sacred history go into the dim past; but all tell the same story of LIVING FORCES WITHIN MAN AND NATURE.

PRANA IS RADIANT ENERGY. We may place the patient under an oxygen tent and literally force more oxygen into the system. This has its chemical effect, but we miss this mysterious Prana, this principle of radiant life energy; otherwise life in the body would respond by leaps and bounds. Similar observations have been made in shipping the life-giving, healing waters from marvelous springs, even when carefully bottled. The chemicals in the water remain unchanged, but this life-giving charge does not remain in the water.


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