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Polarity Therapy Volume 2, Book 6

Chart No. 22
- Figure 1 - Sacral Correction by Leg Leverage Technique
Figure 2 - Thumb and Heel of Hand Contacts

With a good, soft bolster or wedge-shaped pillow under the patient to release the sacral lock and lumbar tension, a sacral correction is possible by both methods - Fig. l & Fig. 2. Using the legs for leverage is of great help to relax them and the pelvic muscles. It is unique for good results and saving the doctor's energy. Many combinations of contacts can be used with this leverage from the sacrum to the occiput, for sympathetic and parasympathetic tension release along both sides of the spine and over the sacrum.

The doctor stands at the side of the inferior sacral base and at the side of the curve in the spine, grasps both legs together, with one hand on the outer leg, and swings them slowly towards him. With the heel or the thumb of the other hand he supports the inferior sacrum in an upward lift and toward the opposite side, while rocking the legs toward himself and toward the patient's thigh. This is a powerful correction for the base and pelvic anteriority on the far side. The heel of the other hand can move up on that side, over all the spinal muscles, while the legs are used as a lever for release in a corrective direction.

In Fig. 2 the thumb or the heel contact of the hand is directed on the inferior sacral base, as a lifting fulcrum.

Contacts on the muscles of the inferior ilium are also used in an upward direction for sympathetic release over sore spots there. The other hand is simultaneously placed on the occiput with the sacral contact as its opposite polarity pole. Occipital stimulation releases the locked up energy impulses.

When the lower contact shifts to the lumbar region, then the cervicals are stimulated simultaneously.

These moves can be used on either side, with skill and a little pressure, for remarkable corrections along the spine, from the base upward.

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