Book 4: The Mysterious Sacrum - The Key to Body Structure & Function

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Explanation of Chart No. 8

The diaphragm is the central muscle of respiration and life's function in the body. Normally, the heart beat and respiration are in direct ratio to each other. In disease this is not so. The severity of the illness can almost be measured by the disruption of this rhythmic relationship between the airy current of respiration and the fiery energy of the heart beats.

It is not so much the extremes which are so dangerous as it is the patterns of incompatible relationships. Naturally it is advisable to bring both factors to as nearly a normal rhythm as possible, by any form of therapy employed. In Polarity Therapy the aim is to establish the normal energy current flow in the body's wireless system through its fields of response at the neuter [neutral] pole, the negative pole and at the positive pole.

Energy waves on one side balance those on the other side of the body by traveling in the opposite direction. See charts 3, 5, 6, 7 and 8 in book II. The two fishes in the sign of Pisces illustrate these hidden currents by swimming in opposite directions. This psycho-physiological principle dates back to the creation of man.

Others have employed certain phases of these underlying principles, but no one seems to have had the practical understanding of the whole picture; that is, all the currents in each one of the fields, and applied this knowledge to the healing art of the human body since the days when it was used by wise physicians centuries ago. If only the good Doctor Fitzgerald[1] had known this lost art of the ancients in its entirety and practical application, the world would have benefited immensely by it.

The reason Polarity Therapy is so effective when once understood and correctly applied, is because it deals with the wireless waves of the body, which have their polarity reflexes to the five senses, the five fingers as touch and skill, and the five toes as motion and action. Cause and effect can easily be balanced when they are known and balanced in their fields.

The diaphragm and the heart are both muscular structures. The diaphragm is the neuter [neutral] pole which controls both functions. Without the action of the diaphragm, there is no oxygen and no breath; hence, without its action no life is possible, not even one heart beat. So it is not really the physical heart which controls this function, but it is the breath of life and respiration.

In cases where the heart is in danger of stopping, or has stopped, it can be started again by establishing diaphragmatic function and breathing. For this purpose there is no application as effective as direct rhythmic lifts under the floating ribs, especially on the left side, where the fingers of both hands can reach under the floating ribs, deeply, in a double grip and gentle lift, repeated in rhythmic applications. This is a good emergency measure in any type of therapy. Start the diaphragm to function! For motor release of this area see chart No. 7 in this book.

Then by more gentle procedure of Polarity Therapy, the positive fields above can be balanced with the neuter [neutral] centers of action in the chest. For this purpose chart No. 8 presents ideal but simple polarity contacts and moves.

FIGURE 2: The doctor stands at the patient's right side with his left hand placed over the left shoulder of the patient. The hand fits exactly over the shoulder by laying the thumb below the clavicle and the hollow of the hand over the head of the humerus, pushing it posteriorly. The fingers grip the trapezius muscle firmly in rhythmic action of alternate gripping and release.

1 William H. Fitzgerald (1872-1942), an American otolaryngologist who founded the practice of Zone Therapy in the United States. Zone Therapy is a precursor to modern Reflexology.


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