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Polarity Therapy Volume 1, Book 2

Chart No. 43
- Head Moulding [Molding] Therapy and Its Definite Effect on Body Areas.

Top of a baby's skull

Showing the bones of the cranium not yet grown together.

Natural divisions of the human skull.

The sacrum

Consisting of five fused vertebrae at the lower end of the spinal column

Is it possible that these five bones of the sacrum have a definite relationship to the five bones on the top of the head like the foundation of a house has to its roof? These five bones are moulds [molds] of the five energy fields or tattwas [tattvas] and the five life energy currents of prana flowing thru [through] their central contents and nerve centers.

The superior oval is the mental field; the governor. The inferior triangle is the vital sustaining force and field. One is the crown of man, the other was called the sacred bone. What force of potential energy lies hidden here? And what are its mysterious possibilities when raised to fully awakened consciousness? The space in between is the neuter [neutral] pole of the life energy; the sustainer (Vishnu) the supporter and preserver of organisms.

Every contact on the body has a definite reaction, especially over vital centers and representative polar reflex areas. In molding the head or the neck which are superiorly located, the whole body is influenced by direct impulses and by releasing energy blocks due to reflexes from below, these areas are also benefitted. The molding of the cranial bones is an art in itself. Everything depends on keen observation an elastic and firm touch, and the skill of the operator. When working with great interest and attention a doctor can learn direct from life. The moulding [molding] process involves directional force used plus the polarity reflexes. The central axis of the body's energy field is definitely influenced by external impulses of energy applied which reacts thru [through] the wireless energy whirls, flowing thru [through] the meninges like an induced current and effects the tension of the cerebro spinal [cerebrospinal] fluids locally. The skull is a hollow band shell in which the ultra sonic [ultrasonic] energy current of the soul reverberates like the music of the spheres and is thus broadcasted; the brain acting as the converter and switchboard for the whole body.

Illustration Keywords: (fig. 1) anterior thoracic, abdominal, crural, brachial, spinal, superior, middle, inferior
(fig. 2) upper dorsal [thoracic], lower dorsal [thoracic], lumbar and sacral
(fig. 3) cardiac stability
(fig. 4) abdominal, tonic, relaxing

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