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Polarity Therapy Volume 1, Book 2

Chart No. 40
- Rotation and Sidebend [Side Bend] Stretch to Open the Foramen Magnum

Contact for a stretch on the occiput and the neck muscles to open the foramen magnum with the other hand underneath in the same position acting as a fulcrum

Double contact in action or the rocking stretch movement to line up the head vertically with the body. The occipital condyles are inside of the atlas articulation and control atlas movements. Pulls from below also act as leverage on these muscles. Often a left lateral atlas is released by a perineal contact in all emotional conditions and especially in pregnancy. Use it first.

Double contact on the temporal and occipital bone for a lateral side bend stretch

Showing the contact from the side view. The hand must fit the head and support it. The movement is a gentle molding stretch no force is necessary for best results. Cells and tissues move with the vibratory rhythmic impulse of the life force in the breath.

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