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Polarity Therapy Volume 1, Book 2

Chart No. 9
- Wireless Energy Therapy Chart of Five Pointed Star

The geometric lines of force of this star are important contact points for the release of energy blocks.

Fig. 1 represents the anterior sensory angles of force, and their interrelationship. The top of the star at the throat center is the source of the current in the etheric field and the audible sound energy. In the pelvic basin at the bottom is the sum total force accumulation of all the sensory tension and emotional frustration. The two lowest points of the star rest on the pelvic basin as a whole. Here the individual vital force, the electro-magnetic [electromagnetic] currents and the gravity pull of the earth, all interact. Nature has placed the centers and outlets for the vital and emotional energies in the pelvis. These can also be released through inhibition over the attachments of the abdominal muscles to the pubic bone. The psoas magnus [psoas major] and iliacus muscles are also very important factors in the gravity pull - electro-magnetic [electromagnetic] action - upright position of the body - and anterior posterior relationship of each half of the body. The polarity currents and the short leg also have a major factor here in front. Deep inhibition reaches them.

Fig. 1

(A) Release to the throat center, the shoulders, and the occipital and cervical region can be accomplished here by inhibition and directional impulse at this basic line of force as the anterior foundation for all superior structures.

(B) Functional reflex to the throat and shoulders.

Fig. 2

(A) Foramen magnum

(B) Sacral articulation relationship

(C) Gravity balance to foramen magnum

The pelvic floor has a definite effect on anterior pelvic tension.

Fig 2 gives a clear cut picture of the relation of the 2 [two] hip joints as the foundation to the occiput, the foramen magnum, and the position of the head influenced by gravity pull. Shoulder joints and hip joints in their relation of diagonal muscular stress and lines of bracing force and cross over of tension relationship.

(A) Contact points at the intersection of lines of force and on the foundation.

(B) See Chart 10

Normal colon in relation to energy lines

Distorted colon due to electro-magnetic [electromagnetic] pull

Light contacts for parasympathetic therapy

Perineal technique [see Charts 30 and 31] is very effective in pregnancy where pelvic stress and strain causes much leg pain.

Illustration Keywords: (fig. 3) 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, A, B, C, D, E
(fig. 5) down, up

Book 2, Chart 8 ~ Book 2, Chart 10

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