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Polarity Therapy Volume 2, Book 6

Chart No. 25
- Food Classification According to Earth's Magnetic Strata

3. Warmth - Fire - Sun. The next stratum, a little higher above the ground, contains more of the fiery electric charge in its makeup, especially the sesame seed and the sunflower seed. This is a positive type of food. The papaya comes in on that classification as a powerful eliminator because of this fiery element and less protein without the acidity. The grape and its juice is a stimulant.

The grains and pulses or legumes are rich in protein and in starch. Included in this category are corn, wheat, rice, peas, beans, lentils, garbanzos, etc. However, millet is one grain that is rich in protein but low in starch. That is why it is recommended for diabetics.

The fiery energy in these foods is essential to man for replacing the expended energy and warmth. The fiery type of food is best suited for the vital motive type of person with a great mental and physical drive.

4. Air - Oxygen. Fruits and nuts are in the highest stratum above the ground and contain more of the airy element in their atomic construction. Air and oxygen are needed by all living beings. Oxidation is the final state of the fiery process of digestion. We breathe in oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide. This in turn is used by plant life. Volcanic eruptions help vegetation by supplying carbon dioxide to the atmosphere at intervals. Fruits are delicate, with more air space between cells than the other types of food. Citrus fruits are made up of compartments, perfectly insulated from the outside air.

Nuts are a delicate protein of a more airy nature than the grains and legumes. Because of the airy element predominating in the fruits and nuts, that type of food is best suited for the highly sensitive electric type of person, who needs much replacement of the pranic or airy element expended by his highly nervous activity. The monkeys do this by instinct. Every variety of animal has an electromagnetic charge of energy requirement according to the stratum in which they live. The same is true of human beings. Even the squirrel that lives in trees, selects only the perfect pine seeds or nuts; but man eats everything and then wonders why he is not well.

The electromagnetic charge in foods has not been thought of in our search for "Vita-amines" [vitamins] or life sustainers. Future chemistry will follow the atomic procedure of measured energy charges which make up the seeming solids.

Another source of prana or life element is found in seeds which contain the power of growth or latent energy expansion. When these are ground and put in distilled water over night, the water will leach out much of this energy and become a sustaining and invigorating drink for persons with impaired digestion or a nervous, rundown condition where solid foods and even juices are not properly digested and oxidized. This method of extracting the essence can be used for nuts, grains and fruits which are rich in minerals, like figs, raisins, etc., in cases where the minerals and natural life element in them are needed but the solid food cannot be digested. This drink is easily absorbed and is not so concentrated or as highly acid as juices extracted direct from the fruit.

Straight carrot juice should be taken most sparingly because carotene has an affinity for the liver and when taken as pure juice, the carotene piles up, causing symptoms of jaundice.

Each individual should select the foods that he can best digest and utilize. That is the most important point in all diets and food selection.

Book 6, Chart 24 ~ EItGB, Chart 1

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