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Polarity Therapy Volume 2, Book 6

Chart No. 8
- Perineal and Spinal Pressure Therapy

Spinal therapy by pressure in the spinal groove anywhere along the spine on either side, is for the relaxation of the erector spinea [extensor spinae, sacrospinalis] muscles and inhibition over the transverse processes which produces a sympathetic reaction and relaxation. Together with a perineal contact on the same side on the tense perineal muscles, gives marvelous results in lumbago cases, sciatica, liver, stomach and digestive troubles. The second [middle] finger is used here for perineal contacts. The pressure is made with the elbow on heavy patients and in severe tensions; otherwise with the thumb.

Treat one side at a time until it relaxes. A few minutes on one side and then the other and repeat. The perineum is the parasympathic [parasympathetic] response area. The ganglion of impar and the sympathetic fibres [fibers] on each side of the coccyx are the contact areas for the sympathetic release at its negative pole. The positive pole is in the neck behind the angle of the jaw and the styloid process of the temporal bone. Make a gentle contact here also but of very short duration as these are highly sensitive tissues.

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