Book 5: Vitality Balance - Further Explorations of Polarity Principles & Techniques

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Explanation of Chart No. 4

Chart No. 4 is the reproduction of an anatomy chart of the right foot, to which identification marks and names have been added to link the VITAL ENERGY CURRENT as the main factor for BASIC, STRUCTURAL CORRECTION THROUGH THE SOLES OF THE FEET.

Figure 1 shows the ligaments and their fascia on the bottom of the right foot. If we can see the sweep of energy over this tissue, and its power of balance and control from the bottom up, we HAVE THE KEY TO STRUCTURE AND POSTURE AS WELL AS TO MANY POLES OF THE BODY, THROUGH THIS BASIC ROOT POLE.

No wonder man is constantly trying to balance himself by the springiness and elasticity in his feet! When this quality leaves and the feet become rigid, man is beginning to die slowly. Sore feet indicate chronic conditions in the body which are painful but not in a state of resolution until they reach the neuter [neutral] pole of the hands. Then the condition is acute. Stiff fingers and hands also indicate less energy flow through them, with loss of dexterity and skill, which makes them akward [awkward] in action.

Stiff arches and feet denote a recession of the life energy from that pole. Thick, chalky nails also indicate the same and are not a good sign. VITALITY RECEDES WHEN THE DENSITY OF MATTER BECOMES TOO GREAT TO PENETRATE THROUGH IT. It is like the insulation to an electric current. Representative areas of the feet are also given in Chart No.4 of Book 2.

Figure 2 shows the muscular tissue of the anatomy of the right foot, by which the foot exerts such powerful leverage and spring to lift the whole body. AND, TRULY, THE WHOLE BODY CAN BE REACHED AND BENEFITED THROUGH THE FEET! They are the negative, water pole [Yin1], opposite to the fiery, head pole [Yang1]. They are also the vital negative pole of the neuter [neutral] pelvic, generative pole. That is why it is so important to keep the feet alive, young and active, with a grip on the ground. The whole body is represented in the feet, the water energy [Yin1], which goes deep and seeks out the foundations of things.

Vitality is expressed in limber feet and hands. Stiffness is tension and shows a decline of the vital current flow in both. Working on the foot alone does not give the best results in Vitality Balancing or in Polarity Therapy applications. Three poles MUST BE BALANCED WITH EACH OTHER in order to establish or re-establish the circuit of energy. Mere manipulation of sore areas and tender spots is not enough.

For years doctors of various schools have treated and adjusted the feet with a measure of results. BUT THE POLARITY PRINCIPLE

1 To alleviate confusion between the Three Principles (Fire, Water and Air) and the Five Elements (Ether, Air, Fire, Water and Earth), many Polarity practitioners refer to Dr. Stone's "Fiery Principle" as "Yang," his "Watery Principle" as "Yin," and his "Airy Principle as "Neutral" or "Tao." See The Three Principles and Five Elements for more information.


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