Book 3: Polarity Therapy & Its Triune Function - A New Manipulative Therapy

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Chart No. 11

[See Book 3, Chart 11]

Chart No. 11 depicts the relationship of the central axis of the spine, the bead, the shoulders, the sacrum and the legs and feet as a picture of a normal posture. Here is a body balanced in its own polarity field and muscular pull with that of the earth. Freedom of action is possible through perfect leverage.

Please note that the line of the center of the sacral articulation to the middle of the shoulders crosses exactly where the umbilicus would be, if this check-up were taken anteriorly, over the sensory fields of relationship. On the back, it is between the second and third lumbar vertebrae, which represents a straight line through, from the umbilicus. Any deviations from these lines of balance, show the unpolarized fields under stress and pull.

The findings and varieties are many and too involved to picture all of them. The factors behind all this are not only the muscles under tension, but the impulses to these muscles from fields of sensory abdominal reflexes and emotional stress. Bony adjustment and muscular stretch are structural corrections and do not always balance the energy in the POLARITY FIELDS. Cerebrospinal fluid impulses or index pressure are not dependent upon structure normally. Visceral reflexes and emotional impulses are also independent actions in natural life.

Folds and grooves over the liver area or the stomach area on the back are important factors. The lateral spinal curve which compensates these saggings is due to the sacral position and over-all internal stress caused by disturbed vital polarity function in the cerebrospinal fluid of the sacrum. Much can be done here by the use of POLARITY THERAPY, which results in more stable sacral correction. Vital and unconscious impulses which are the driving energies throughout life, lie dormant in the sacrum. The sacrum is the negative pole to the brain. It expresses the motor action of brain impulses. There is an important relationship between the three geometric horizontal lines and the three vertical ones, shown on this chart.

The structural energy control is also in the pelvis, as the pattern of the seed power in its negative polarity action of electronic spinning vortices as Nature's design in all living beings. In the brain it is represented as the pituitary gland, located posteriorly between the eyes, as the positive pole and center for governing the growth of the body. Science has made this discovery in recent years, but not the POLARITY ENERGY FIELDS which synchronize with this function.

The lines on this figure reveal at once the relationship of the above to the below, and the inferior to the superior and the diagonal balancing energy currents.

The horizontal shoulder line and the horizontal line through the center of the sacro-iliac [sacroiliac] articulation disclose much. This is further illustrated and described in Chart No. 13 in this book.

The third horizontal line, under the buttocks, has a real significance of sacral tilt and lack of internal muscle tone on that entire side of the body. When good muscle tone is present and one buttock is lower than the other, it is usually a sacral tilt. The low buttock is the low sacral base side. Test it and prove it. Correction is not too difficult where there is not too much of a chronic condition in all these tissues.


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