Book 3: Polarity Therapy & Its Triune Function - A New Manipulative Therapy

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Chart No. 10

[See Book 3, Chart 10]

The line-up has been used in this manner for a long time and it has been found wanting because the relationship of a living being is quite different than an inert mass. The purely mechanical principles do not suffice here. After many years of checking and using this simple device, I stumbled onto the idea how this could be used in measuring the POLARITY FIELDS OF THE BODY AND CHECKING THEIR RELATIONSHIP WITH EACH OTHER against the background of the earth's gravity.

The earth's gravity force does not rule man. It only conditions him when his own gravity fields are out of balance. Man is an integral unit, having a central gravity line of force of his own by which he acts and around which his forces spin as the central orbit of his being. Man overcomes gravity through leverage of bones as extension levers with joints, and muscles and tendons as cables which operate them.

True, man is dependent on Nature for everything for his survival and existence on this earth. The air he breathes, the warmth of the sun or its crystallized deposits as oil, coal, wood, etc., the water he drinks and the food he eats. All this relationship is also a gravity principle which links man to Nature, even more closely than the earth's gravity. But much of this has been ignored in therapy. If the good doctors would take these more important factors as seriously as the gravity of the earth, they would find some astonishing forces at work in man and in Nature by which he is really bound and conditioned. And these are the points I have endeavored to bring to the attention of the healing art.

Even the atomic energy field extends man's researches only to the POLARITY FORCES latent in matter without conductors. To apply the same research and importance to man as a human being is even more essential because it deals with life itself and its polarity action. The finer energies in Nature are wireless and less conditioned than the specific, stepped-down forces.

Mechanical principles depend on gravity. Chemistry depends on the polarity principles of attraction and repulsion in the field of matter. My earnest endeavor has been to extend this field of POLARITY influence to the manipulative art, where it could equally cope with the wonders of the influences of chemistry for the benefit of the body, but without the risks that are often involved in the use of chemistry.

Real knowledge can be tested and proved in practice, whether it be in a trade, a profession, in mechanics or even the endless field of therapeutics. A larger vision expands the mind and the emotions so they can come to maturity with the growth of the physical body. The dweller in the house of the body is the real being and more important than the house. His relationship to the body is most vital for expression and function in this world of experience, sensation and action. For best results there must be a balanced relationship of the fields of action, thought, emotions and gravity, which can be easily done by the proper application of POLARITY THERAPY.


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