Book 3: Polarity Therapy & Its Triune Function - A New Manipulative Therapy

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Chart No. 2

[See Book 3, Chart 2]

This chart is really an extension of chart No. 1 and of the ideas and principles illustrated therein. The centrifugal and centripetal currents as opposites are the central theme of balancing all equations and controversies in therapies. By the skill of the hand and understanding, both can be used to good advantage.

Chart No. 2 gives a diagramatic [diagrammatic] picture of the life current arising from the triune heart center, going up to the head - the directing center or governor of action - and flowing down in an inward sweep of the attraction toward the center from the outside. The generative system is the creative and procreative center of the microfilm of all energies of the body in their finer pattern form or essence in the latent seed power.

This brief outline gives the design the shape of the heart because it is the life circuit. It also represents the individual cell in general, as the smallest particle of living tissue, acting as a life unit.

Of centers, three are given here as the most vital: The head, the heart and the generative system. These are often symbolized by the story of the three wise men of old, looking for the King as the newborn life essence in the blood stream.[1] After all, life is closer to us and more real than history; and life's process is vital to us for our understanding and well-being.

To balance all opposites and controversies would be a great boon to mankind. A deeper viewpoint through better understanding of life would lead to a growth of intelligence and a larger vision. The polarity of forces in their outward electric energy potential and in their inward magnetic potential of attraction explain the diametric opposites of the principles and the practice of Allopathic medicine and Homeopathic application of essences in their minutest quantities of a drug or herb.

According to the Allopathic principle a quantity and force opposes and neutralizes a similar quantity or force in volume. "Contraria contrariis curantur." "Opposites are cured by opposites." While the Homeopathic principle of "Similia similibus curantur" asserts that likes are cured by similars. But here the essence or the center of the thing is stressed in its inward, penetrating or centripetal current instead of volume or quantity. It is more etheric in vibration and its penetrating magnetic effect through the neuter [neutral] fields of the body. This therapeutic principle works on the inward arc of the currents, while Allopathy acts upon the outer current of the centrifugal energy field. In the Ayurvedic medicine of India, metals had to be burned or overcome in their gross nature by the juices of certain plants and by fire before they could be employed as remedies which the body could absorb.[2] Metals were not used in their crude form in Ayurvedic practice. This carne about later, during the middle ages in Europe.

The blood is the conveyor for the life current. This finer essence is made up of three primal principles of matter in its manifestation:

1 - The AIRY essence is the breath of life which flows in the conveyor of oxygen in the air and in the blood stream. Nothing can live without air, but the chemistry alone does not comprehend nor rule this essence which merely flows in it and through it. This is the Mercurial (mind) Essence spoken of by the alchemists like Paracelsus.[3] It is the neuter [neutral] pole of all living beings and things, as the geometric lines of force of patterns and ideas. It sustains all life by its universal current of the same essence. Man cannot give it nor manufacture this essence.

1 Matthew 2:1-12
2 A process called rasa shastra. The use of heavy metals, such as lead, mercury and arsenic, is highly controversial. Various studies done between 1990 and 2012 found toxic levels of these elements in a significant number of marketed Ayurvedic medicines, and several cases of lead poisoning were traced back to Ayurvedic products. Traditional practitioners blame these events on failure to follow exact preparations for mass production.
3 Paracelsus, born Philippus Aureolus Theophrastus Bombastus von Hohenheim (1493-1541), a German-Swiss doctor, alchemist, botanist, astrologist and occultist.


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