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Polarity Therapy Volume 1, Book 2

Chart No. 14
- Normal Muscular Fibres [Fibers] Where the Electro-Magnetic [Electromagnetic] Currents Flow Freely

(A) Rectus capitis lateralis

(B) Longus capitas [capitis]

(C) Splenius capitis

(D) Splenius coli [colli]

(E) Mastoid process

(F) Medulla

(G) Transverse process of atlas

Please note the similarity of the over-all [overall] direction of the polarization of the muscle fibres [fibers] and the electro-magnetic [electromagnetic] circuits.

A muscle cell from the walls of the intestine
Physiology 1909 by Profs. Conn and Budington

Connective tissue
A bit of tendon highly magnified. At C are shown some of the cells which produced the fibers.

Anatomical drawings from The Human Machine and Its Forces by Dr. Dewanchand Varma of London. (Out of print).

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