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Polarity Therapy Volume 1, Book 2

Chart No. 1
- Ovals and Centers

Mind working through five etheric pattern field ovals with six governing centers connected by the ultra sonic [ultrasonic] central beam.

First oval is the head for control and direction. (Fire or intelligence)

Second oval is the throat. A link for expression through speech. (Ether and sound)

Third oval is the chest. The heart expresses the life energy in fluidic form the lungs and diaphragm as gaseous function. (Air)

Fourth oval is the abdomen nourishing and sustaining the body. (Earth energy)

Fifth oval is the pelvis perpetuating the pattern form. (Water energy)

Three fields and centers are necessary to express the soul as intelligence, speech, life and motion. Two fields and three centers are necessary to sustain and perpetuate the body.

Arms and legs are extension levers to overcome gravity by motion of shifting polarity forces from a positive through a neuter [neutral] to a negative pole and repeat.

(A) Current connection of centers

(B) Continuous energy flow through centers
Linking each brain lobe to the opposite side of the body

(C) Head center

(D) Throat center

(E) Chest center

(F) Abdominal center

(G) Generative center

(H) Rectal center

Cells are minature [miniature] ovals with the five modalities of matter in action in every living cell.

The Sa pass of the ancient Egyptian priests

A secret made plain by polarizing the brain

Posterior view

Straight lines of material geometric extension used in mechanics. Expansion and contraction by mechanical means

Such congestions are seen in the muscles of the back.

The most ancient and perfect arrow or rocket designed by nature self-propelled and self-directed.

Diagram showing the general characteristics of the spermatozoa of various vertebrates: a, Lance; b, segments of the accessory thread; c, accessory thread; d, body of the head; e, terminal nodule; f, middle piece; g, marginal thread; h, axial thread; i, undulating membrane; k, fibrils of the axial thread; l, fibrils of the marginal thread; m, end piece of Retzius; n, rudder-membrane.

Illustration Keywords: (fig. 1) +, -, 0
(fig. 3) +, -
(fig. 4) 5th cervical [fifth cervical, C5]
(fig. 5) brain, -, +
(fig. 6) fields

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